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Gender Inclusive Housing Option

This community allows students of different genders to live together in the same room. The gender inclusive housing option is ideal for students whose gender identification and/or gender expression varies from the binary gender paradigm. It is also for students that are uncomfortable living with a roommate of the same biological sex.

This living environment can accommodate students who desire to live with friends and family, etc. as well as all gender identities including man, woman and transgender, among many others. Examples of gender inclusive communities include but are not limited to: siblings, students in personal relationships, friends and gender variant.

We strive to create an environment welcoming all gender identities and forms of gender expression.  Gender inclusive living is intended to create a home and sense of belonging, where all students can feel free and safe to express their whole self.  Housing & Residential Education acknowledges this living environment is not conducive for everyone.  We encourage students and families to discuss this living option thoroughly before selecting this as an option.

To apply, select the Gender Inclusive housing option in the Themed Housing Options section of the Housing Contract.

Gender Inclusive Community


  • This community is open to all students 18 years or older.
  • All roommates in a room/suite must agree to reside in a mixed gender living arrangement and must fill all spaces within the room/suite.
  • Students in this community must complete a Gender Inclusive Housing Agreement.
  • If one person moves out, the residents in the room/suite are responsible for filling the open space who agrees to live in a mixed gender environment.  If this is not possible, the room/suite will convert back to a single gender room/suite.
  • These communities are not available on the 3rd floor of Wilson Hall or the 2nd floor of Belford Hall.


  1. Identify potential roommates or decide if you are comfortable with Housing & Residential Education assigning you with a roommate based on availability.
  2. On the housing contract under Themed Housing, select the Gender Inclusive option from the drop down box.
    1. You will need to complete the Gender Inclusive Agreement on the Online Housing Contract and submit it to the Housing & Residential Education Office located in Tobey-Kendel Hall, Room 199.
  3. You will receive a room assignment through the Housing & Residential Education Office.