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Lead On Facilitators

Meet our Lead On Facilitators!  They will be at Lead On to meet you and work with you through the entire camp.

Hey! My name is Allison Mann. I’m a junior majoring in psych and minoring in ASL. My favorite things to do are hammock and eat food! I love meeting new people and making memories and that’s what I hope to do on this Lead On adventure!
Allison Mann
My name is Brittany Nagy, I am a Pre-Nursing major. A few facts about me is that I have volunteered to go out of the country twice (Panama and Costa Rica) to build a basketball court in third world country areas. I also played on a club volleyball team and on my high school team for about 6 years. I was a participant in Lead On last year and I had a blast, I am so excited to be a facilitator this year and have the opportunity to give others a chance to make new friends and become more comfortable with this new chapter of their life.
Brittany Nagy
Hi my name is Donnati Jiron I was born and raised in Colorado in a family of 5. I am a first generation college student and this is my second year here at UNC. My favorite thing about UNC is the campus life because you will have the chance to meet all kinds of different people along with some dogs.
Donnati Jiron
My name is Fernando Espinoza and I am a software engineering major. I will be attending UNC for the 3rd year. I love to play football and video games. I think I am a chill dude and like to make others laugh. I love dogs and reptiles but i will pet any animal you have.
Fernando Espinoza 
My name is Grant Helmer and I am currently a graphic design major. I am going into my third year here at UNC. My favorite place on campus would probably have to be Michener library because it is such a calm environment to focus on academics. A fun fact about me is that I always wear knee high socks with crazy designs each day and you can always catch me wearing a different pair than the last time you saw me. One thing I am looking forward to most about this camp is meeting new people and just building a community with others who also want to connect with others. 
Grant Helmer
Hi!   My name is Isaac Rivera-Valencia and I am a second year Pre-Nursing Major! A fun fact about me is I used to be a cheerleader in high school and can still do the splits! I am also proud to call Greeley home! I look forward to introducing you all to the beautiful University of Northern Colorado and all it has to offer!!
Isaac Rivera-Valencia 
My name is Jeremy Schaefer and I am an Elementary Education major. I am a junior at UNC and my favorite place on campus is the walkway behind Gunter that goes between Crabbe and Guggenheim. I think the trees there are beautiful. What I'm looking forward to in Lead On the most would have to be meeting my family group for the first time. Everyone, including myself, is really awkward and it's a great chance to get comfortable with each other before Lead On starts.
Jeremy Schaefer
Hello, my name is Katie Lundebjerg and I am currently a sophomore majoring in Criminal Justice and English with a minor in Film Studies. My dream career would involve being an adjunct professor at a university, a detective, and a writer. My favorite thing to do on campus is participate in UNC Club Fencing Team. This will be my second year competing, I am the current treasurer, and I love fencing foil and epee. I'm excited to welcome and work with this year's LeadOn Family!  
Katie Lundebjerg 
My name is Maddie Hutchinson, and my major is Nutrition with a minor in Psychology. I am a junior here at UNC! I would like to become a nutritionist and write cookbooks! My favorite place on campus is Turner Green! I like to go outside to study and hang out with my friends! It’s a really great place to meet new people and enjoy the sun! One fact about me is that I have lived in Colorado my whole life and love the mountains. I am looking forward to at this camp is meeting all the participants and helping them feel comfortable with their surroundings. UNC is a great place, can’t wait to meet Y'all.
Maddie Hutchinson
Hi, my name is Makalla Cordova and I am a junior at the University of Northern Colorado. I am an Elementary Education major with an emphasis in education new literacies. Some of my hobbies include playing club volleyball here on campus, singing, and painting. One interesting thing about me is that I love country and rap music. My favorite place on campus is the rec center. I love to go there and have practice for club and also going there to mess around with my friends. What I am looking forward to at camp is meeting all of the campers and helping them find their place here on campus.
Makalla Cordova 
Hi future Bears! My name Malaika Michel-Fuller and I am passionately obsessed with using words longer than my name and living every day like it’s my birthday. I am studying English, minoring in Sociology, and pursuing emphases in Secondary Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. In sum, I want to work as an educator and impact students’ lives for the better! UNC is truly my home-away-from-home and I love attending campus events that students host. Some of my favorites include chicken & waffles at the Marcus Garvey Cultural Center, and any theatre production our wonderful PVA department performs. Whether you want to know how to join Student Senate, need tutoring help, or want to know where the best coffee shop is in Greeley, I am in-the-know and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!
Malaika Michel-Fuller 
I’m Marissa Antola. A Senior studying Psychology with a minor in communications. I have been involved in LeadOn every year I’ve been here and I’m excited to take on the role of facilitator once more. My favorite spot on campus is definitely the University Center but off campus you can catch me in Downtown Greeley. I’m looking forward to helping the next round of bears find their place here on campus and I can’t wait to see you all.  Go Bears!
Marissa Antola
Name: Matthew Cavin
Favorite song: Sickology101 by tech9
Favorite season: summer
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite sport: Quidditch
Favorite team: Broncos
Major: criminology
Dream job: detective
Favorite color: blue
Favorite movie: Transformers
Favorite quote: "And why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up"-Thomas Wayne
Interesting fact: Yeah I play Quidditch
Matthew Cavin 
Hi! My name is Nicholas Gonzalez and I am a Sports and Exercise Science major. My Favorite spot on campus is under the trees outside of Mckee hall, it’s the perfect for studying and relaxing in my hammock. Some fun facts about me is that I am a fifth generation Coloradoan, and I’ve been skiing for almost as long as I could walk. I look forward to meeting the newest students of the University of Norther Colorado. Go Bears!
Nicholas Gonzalez 
Hi, my name is Noah Steinheimer and I am a Graphic design major. My favorite place on campus is the benches outside of Frasier Hall because I love watching the squirrels and listening to the sound coming out of the building. One fun fact about me is that I play quidditch for UNC! I am looking forward to meeting everyone and making new friends and memories before school starts.
Noah Steinheimer
My name is Sean Steinhart.  I am a Music Business major.  I have been a part of a professional choir that has given me numerous opportunities to travel the world.  I have been to Japan, Italy, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Australia for my work as a soloist and performer.  Also I was a part of a professional barbershop quartet that would travel all over Colorado to preform.  Personally, I found Lead On a great way to make friends that will last you all throughout college.  I am so excited to be a facilitator for this camp to cultivate the same experience I have had with Lead On!
Sean Steinhart 
My name is Sophia Richards and I am a double major in Psychology and English. I love just hanging out on the grass with my friends or doing homework on the third floor of Michener Library. I play for the University on our Club Volleyball team, and I'm a woman of the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha. I'm so excited to be a part of the Lead On family this year and hopefully, make a difference in the lives of the new students here on campus!
Sophia Richards