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Due to ongoing concerns and preventative measures regarding COVID-19, UNC is strongly encouraging students to relocate to an off-campus home; however, we understand some students may not be able to do this. Housing will remain open for students who do not have another option. For more information about remaining on campus, moving out of your residence hall, and related updates, visit the COVID-19 Housing page.


We provide complimentary laundry facilities in each of our residence halls as well as our apartment complex for students living with us in one of those facilities.  We also encourage our students to use the online Jetz Laundry App to report any issues with laundry equipment.


local_laundry_service Wash Alert 

Save yourself some time before heading to the laundry room. UNC’s Laundry rooms have Wash Alert to help our students know when washers and dryers are available. You can check availability, status, and receive end-of-cycle alerts for your laundry with Wash Alert! The system will let residents:

  • See the availability of machines in a laundry room in real time
  • Request a text/email when the desired number of machines become available.
  • Get a text/email notification when the cycle is complete.

You can check to see if washers are dryers are busy and set-up email alerts to let you know when machines are done or available.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Machines: