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Registered Dietitian Available

Do you have any specific dietary issues that you need us to know about? Event if you think it's just a "simple" allergy or intolerance that doesn't cause many issues for you, it still might be a good idea to tell us about it. We can typically accommodate most dietary requests, but we recommend you speak with our Registered Dietitian about it first. Not only will he be able to tell you what Dining Services can offer you, but he can also show you around the locations to make sure you're comfortable with your options. To make an appointment, please contact Matthew Doyle, RDN, at 970-351-1961 or matthew.doyle@unco.edu.

Nutrition and Wellness

Our dining rooms offer a large variety of foods, including fresh fruits and veggies, comfort food, vegetarian and vegan options, allergen-free options, and much more. Holmes Dining Hall and Tobey-Kendel Dining Room are both "all you care to eat" locations that have a gourmet salad bar available every day. There are also to-go options available if you don't have time to sit down and eat with us in the dining room.

Matthew Doyle, RDN

Tip Of The Month: Vegan Eating Healthy Benefits

  • Vegan diets are naturally low in saturated fats which can lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Vegan diets encourage high fruit and vegetable intake to receive a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Vegan diets encourage high fiber intake from fruits, veggies and whole grains. High fiber intake is associated with low cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes, weight management and bowel regularity.
  • Vegan diets are likely to be lower in sodium from processed meats, which is great to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

If you want more information on eating healthy in the dining room or what our vegan options are, please contact our Registered Dietitian at 970-351-1961 or matthew.doyle@unco.edu.

New Online Menus

Take a peek at our NEW online menus! They're more than just daily menus for the dining rooms. You can also look at nutritional information and use the filter to exclude allergens or specific dietary restrictions.

NEW: Bear Bites Menus


One option we have here in Dining Services is The DASH -- this is a special line in both Holmes Dining Hall and Tobey-Kendel Dining Room that has more healthy options available for customers. It is also free of 7 of the 8 most common allergens.

View more information about The DASH.

More Resources

Along with nutritional labels, we also want to share a few more resources with you: