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Dining On Campus

We recently asked our customers why they liked dining on campus. These were the top 6 reasons they chose to purchase a meal plan:

  1. "The dining rooms are "all you care to eat" so you never have to worry about leaving hungry. There are even to-go options!"
  2. "There are so many different choices every day - there are lots of opportunities to try different foods from all over the state, country, and world! There is a diverse culinary experience."
  3. "There are more important things to worry about... eating in the dining room means not having to wash dishes or put them away."
  4. "Our time is valuable... we don't want to spend it shopping, cooking, or cleaning... especially cleaning!"
  5. "Charges go on my student account, so I can pay everything at one time!"
  6. "I don't have to carry extra cash. I just swipe my UNC Card in the dining room, and it's all taken care of!"

By dining on campus, you have access to a fresh salad bar, create your own deli sandwiches, pizza bar, pasta bar, fresh veggies, stir-fry bar, carved meats, beverage stations, soup bar, vegetarian dishes, cereal bar…and much more!!


Holmes Dining Hall and Tobey-Kendel Dining Room offer unlimited seconds -- that’s where you get the most for your money when you purchase a meal plan.

Dining Options and Customizable Plans

Check out your dining options and customize your meal plan!

  • Students living in residence halls are required to carry an On Campus Meal Plan. (If you live in Lawrenson Hall or the Arlington Apartments, you are exempt from this rule and can choose anything you want.)
  • Students living off campus are allowed to choose any meal plan offered. The most popular options include Off Campus Bear Plans.
  • Don't forget to add Dining Dollars to your account!