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Pie Cafe drink and pie

Pie Café at Campus Commons

The Pie Café at Campus Commons is based on the common savory pie shops found throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. These shops serve small individual pies that you can grab for any meal of the day.

In recent years, there has been an emergence of these types of shops across the United States, including Pie Face and Dub Pies in New York City, Panbury Pie in Atlanta, PIE in Seattle, The Proper Pie Company in Virginia, and many more. Almost every part of the world has a version of pie. The varieties are endless!

  • United Kingdom – Meat Pie
  • France – Quiche
  • Spain – Empanadas
  • Africa – Nigerian Meat Pies
  • USA – Chicken Pot Pie

pie cafe logo

Many of the pies served at Pie Café are meant to be eaten on the go. Pies that are enclosed with a crust on top can provide a quick and delicious meal when you are on the run. There are other cream pies, fruit tartlets, streusel pies, fruit tarts, and quiches to choose from as well – you just may need a fork.

The menu changes daily, but the most popular pies will remain constant. In addition to a wide variety of pies, the Pie Café will also offer Pie Fries. Many people say their favorite part of pie is the crust – and just wait until you taste ours! You can grab a small bag of Pie Fries (pie crust strips) tossed in cinnamon and sugar and served with you choice of icing or cherry pie dipping sauce.

The Pie Café will offer a wide variety of 4.5-inch pies (both sweet and savory), pie fries, mashed potatoes and gravy, and ice cream. Future offerings that are being developed are empanadas and larger pies for select holidays and events.

Pie Café offers more than just pies. Here is a sample of what the menu offers:

  • Coffee Drinks: Coffee, Espresso, and Coffee Bearccinos
  • Non-Coffee Drinks: Crème Bearccinos, Hot Cocoa, Tea, Smoothies, Fresh Squeezed Juices, and Bottled Drinks
  • Tasty Pies: Quiche, Savory Pies, Fruit Pies, Cream Pies, and Specialty Pies
  • Other Yummy Items: Pie Tarts and Fruit Tartlets
  • On The Side: Pie Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, and Ice Cream (from a local creamery)

pie cafe

Take a look at a few of the items we currently serve:

pie cafe
pie cafe
pie cafe
pie cafe
pie cafe
pie cafe
pie cafe

13 interesting things about Pie Café – a baker’s dozen:

  1. Both individual savory and sweet pies will be made from scratch daily.
  2. In addition to an outstanding home-style pie crust the Pie Café will also offer vegan and gluten free options made from flour milled in Longmont, CO.
  3. Many of the pies are meant to be eaten on the go.
  4. Pie Café will feature ice cream that is made locally in Greeley at Longview Creamery.
  5. The College of Natural Health Sciences, Nutrition & Dietetics, was a crucial partner in the development of the Pie Café concept and initial menu direction. The students of the program, as part of their Food Science class, did intensive testing on various types of flours, fats, bake times and mixing methods, and the effects of those on tenderness and final outcome of pie crust. This data was utilized in the creation of the final formulation of the pie dough for Pie Café.
  6. Our Executive Chef and Pastry Chef trained on pie crust at the French School of Pastry in Chicago.
  7. Key Dining Services staff members have used their personal/vacation time to do research for Pie Café. In their journeys, they have visited areas all around the world:
    Local: Denver, Ft. Collins
    Outside Colorado: New York City, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Seattle, Hollywood, Chicago, Virginia, Nashville
    Outside the United States: Australia, United Kingdom
  8. Pie Café offers on-site fresh squeezed juices (orange, lemon, lime).
  9. Pie Café baristas specialize in making espresso drinks. Try one of our delicious UNC Bearccinos – coffee or crème drinks.
  10. No matter what the season, tea is a good choice… especially since it can be served hot or cold. Pie Café offers hot and cold tea, wellness tea, chai tea, matcha green tea, and mango sunrise tea.
  11. The russet potatoes we use for our pies are locally sourced from right here in Colorado. Our green chiles also come from Pueblo, Colorado.
  12. We offer two kinds of gravy to accompany our savory pies and/or mashed potatoes: chicken and country (vegetarian).
  13. We offer pies for breakfast! There are 4 different kinds of quiche for our customers to choose from in the morning: meat, vegetarian, vegan/gluten friendly, and the specialty pie of the day.


The Campus Commons Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on October 22, 2016. This project is estimated to have cost $73.6 million to build. Pie Café is the only food locations in the buiding and is located on the ground/first floor of Campus Commons.

  • Soft Opening Date: January 7, 2019
  • Opening Date: January 23, 2019 (National Pie Day)
  • Grand Opening Date: April 2019
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Monday – Thursday: 8am – 7pm
    • Friday: 8am – 3pm
    • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
  • Type of Payment: student dining dollars, cash/credit sales, faculty/staff payroll deductions, bear bucks
  • Point of Sale system: Micros/CBORD Odyssey PCS/CBORD FSS

None of this could have been accomplished without a little help from our friends. Thank you! 


  • Architects: Denver-based design firms of Semple Brown and Handprint Architecture
  • General Contractor: A&P (Adolfson & Peterson Construction)
  • Foodservice Consultant: Ricca Design Studios
  • Equipment Suppliers: Great Lakes, US Foodservice, Pueblo Restaurant Supply
  • Logo & Artwork: Art House & Creative Services, UNC University Relations
  • Digital Menu Boards: Four Winds Interactive


  • Assistant Vice President, Facilities Management: Kirk Leichliter
  • Project Coordinator, Planning & Construction: Nate Reinhard
  • Assistant Vice President, Campus Community & Climate: Tobias Guzmán
  • Executive Director, Campus Community & Climate: Jenna Finley

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  • Director: G. Hal Brown, FMP
  • Executive Chef: Aran Essig, CCE, CCA
  • Assistant Director: Holly Wainscott, RDN
  • Retail Dining Manager: James Medina
  • Retail Dining Assistant Manager: Derek Vance
  • Pastry Chef: Jen Moore
  • Baker: Doug Schwartz
  • Dining Services Planning Team: Jodi Auch, Hal Brown, Susie Ditton, JoAnn Doherty, Aran Essig, Lauren Hollingsworth, Christy McDonald, James Medina, Lee Nelson, Derek Vance, Holly Wainscott