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Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction

Faculty and Staff at UNC are eligible to sign up for the Payroll Deduction program through Dining Services. This is a great perk for employees!

How does it work?

Just sign up for the plan and turn your form in. Forms are available online, at the UC Card Office, in any dining room, or at the Dining Services Office in Tobey-Kendel Hall (room 120). Once your status has been verified and your card has been activated, you're all set!

Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction Form

How much does it cost for a dining room meal?

You are charged $5.50 plus tax per swipe ($5.89 total) in any of the dining rooms across campus. You can also purchase food and beverage items at eligible campus Retail Dining locations and vending machines -- this is especially handy when the dining rooms are closed.

Tobey-Kendel Hall

Still need convincing?

There are plenty of reasons to stay on campus and eat with us -- here are just a few:

  • Healthy options available every day
  • Avoid the lunch-rush hassle
  • Keep your good parking spot - this become more and more important every semester!
  • Charges come directly out of your monthly paycheck
  • No need to carry cash... access all of our eligible locations with your UNC Card

There's convenience, value, and variety! Not to mention all of the nutritious options every day -- what a deal!

Where can you use this program?

There are a variety of locations all over campus where your Faculty/Staff Payroll Deduction program will work -- in the dining rooms, the retail shops, and the vending machines.

Dining Room Locations

  • Holmes Dining Hall
  • Holmes Gourmet To Go
  • Tobey-Kendel Dining Room
  • University Center Food Court
  • Bears Bistro

Holmes and Tobey-Kendel offer an "all you care to eat" experience (unlimited seconds), including a fresh salad bar, create your own deli sandwich, pizza bar, pasta bar, fresh veggies, stir-fry bar, carved meats, beverage stations, soup bar, vegetarian dishes, cereal bar… and much more. Check out the Bear Bites online menus to see what's being served today!

The UC Food Court (our "one time through" location) and Bears Bistro are perfect for when you are in the University Center and just need a quick lunch on the go. Don't forget, Bears Bistro has extended hours, so they're open when the dining rooms aren't.

 Retail Dining in the University Center

  • Bears Bistro
  • Einstein Bros® Bagels
  • Munchy Mart
  • Subway®
  • Sushi With Gusto®

Retail Dining Across Campus

  • Coffee Corner at Kepner Hall
  • Coffee Corner at Michener Library
  • Pie Café at Campus Commons
  • Beverage and snack vending machines

Who is eligible for this program?

The Faculty / Staff Payroll Deduction plan is available to any current UNC employee:

  • Classified Staff
  • Exempt Staff
  • Faculty
  • NEW: Teaching/Graduate Assistant

Sorry, University Aides and Temporary employees are not eligible for this program.

By signing and submitting the application form, you authorize UNC's Payroll department to deduct from your monthly paycheck for food and beverage items (charged from the 16th to the 15th of each month) in participating dining locations at UNC. If your status at UNC is not full-time, charging privileges will be inactive during the months in which you do not receive a paycheck. Authorization continues until withdrawn by the employee or until not longer employed by UNC.

Teaching and Graduate Assistants are only eligible for this program during active contract periods. Meal access will end the 15th day of the month of your last paycheck. Application forms must be re-submitted at the end of each contract period if you want to continue with this payroll deduction program.