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What is the cost to attend the University of Northern Colorado?

A. It depends on many variables. At www.unco.edu/costs, you can see a breakdown by credit hour, resident/nonresident, undergraduate and graduate, other fees and room and board.


  • What is tuition for a full-time student?

    A. An in-state student enrolled in 15 credit hours per semester will pay $4,523.25 per semester during the 2024-25 academic year (after a College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend has been applied – more about COF below).  A nonresident student enrolled in 15 credit hours will pay $12,062.25 a semester.

  • What fees apply to all students?

    A. All students pay a student activity fee ($66.46 per credit hour up to 10 credit hours per semester), Leadership for Environmental Action Fund (LEAF) fee ($1.00 per credit hour up to 10 credit hours per semester), technology and capital fee ($54.31 per credit hour up to 10 credit hours per semester).

  • What do those fees cover?
  • What other academic fees are there?

    A. There are assessment, course, participation and supervision fees depending on the course. Courses that charge these fees cost more to deliver either because of required consumables (e.g., lab materials), field trips, individualized instruction (e.g., clinical supervision for Nursing students, student teaching for teacher candidates). There are also program fees which augment funding of the delivery of high cost programs (Music, Theatre, and Art in CPVA and the Nursing Program in NHS). Expenses covered include, but are not limited to, supplies, repair and replacement of instruments, equipment.

  • What about differential tuition?

    A. Differential tuition covers non-liberal arts core courses in Sciences/SES/Art, Business, Nursing, Music, Theatre and Dance. It ranges by credit hour to deliver these courses in programs that are in high demand and require a greater investment to deliver. See the differential tuition page for details.

  • Does financial aid cover differential tuition?

    A. Yes, financial aid is based upon an estimated total cost of attending (COA) UNC including an amount for average differential tuition minus the expected family contribution (EFC) as determined by your financial aid application (FAFSA). If you discover your differential tuition costs are higher than the average amount used in your COA, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid to see if an adjustment is possible.

  • What is the Non-Refundable New Student Success Fee?
    A. One-time non-refundable $260 “Student Success Fee” which is charged to all new students, whether first-time or transfer. This covers programs and services that are critical to a student’s successful transition to an academic career at UNC. One of the most obvious components to a successful transition is our orientation program. The program includes learning about UNC resources, hearing expectations as member of the institution, meeting with faculty and staff, selecting courses, and registering for classes. Other components include:advising related to a student’s academic goals, aptitudes and career goals ( which is different than faculty advising about specific courses to take) on-going assessment and development of programs that are specifically designed to help students effectively navigate the transition from the mode of learning at a high school or community college and the mode of learning necessary to be successful at a University. Examples include the development of the University 101 first year seminar and appropriate placement in foundational courses like math and English.
  • What are other costs to attend?
    A. It varies depending on whether students reside on campus, take a meal plan or purchase a parking permit. You can see a breakdown of the costs by going to the Other fees page.
  • Where can I find out more about how fees are used?
    A. An explanation of how fees are used is on the How fees are used page.
  • What is the COF stipend?
    A. COF stands for College Opportunity Fund and applies per-credit funding from the state to help off-set tuition for eligible in-state students. Colorado undergraduate residents are eligible. If the student has applied and authorized, $116 per credit hour will appear on the statement.
  • Where can I get more information about financial aid opportunities?
    A. Financial aid opportunities can be found on the web at www.unco.edu/ofa or you can can speak directly to a UNC financial aid representative by calling 970-351-4UNC.
  • Does UNC have a payment plan?
    A. UNC's monthly pay plan allows you to pay your bill in easy monthly installments
    rather than in one lump sum. This plan includes your tuition, room and board, and
    all university fees. More information on this plan can be found at the following website www.unco.edu/acctservices/ftp/bursar/bearpayENG.pdf.