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The Office of Student Organizations

The purpose of the Office of Student Organizations (OSO) is to help students connect with Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) and to provide support for RSO members and their advisors by: 

  • Providing ongoing advising and training for RSO members and advisors 
  • Connecting RSOs with relevant campus resources
  • Coordinating registration and funding for RSOs 
  • Coordinating RSO recruiting fairs in the Fall and Spring 

United to Nurture our Community

A Card Campaign 

Interested in sending support and cards to individuals in the UNC and Greeley community, but don't have access to cards, envelopes, stamps, or postage? We've got you covered! Click the "send a card" button, complete the survey, and we'll create and mail cards on your behalf!

Send a Card

How does this work? 

  • Choose a recipient group: high risk individuals including nursing home patients and assisted living residents, healthcare staff, and/or UNC students remaining on campus.
  • Write a message (Unsure what to write and would rather us create a message for you? We've got you covered there too!)
  • OSO writes and mails the cards
  • Joy is delivered!

(Upload artwork or other activities in the survey and we'll send those along too!)

Share Organization Events

If your club event is open to all students and you would like us to include it in our newsletter just fill out the RSO Events Information form. 

*Form must be submitted 10 days before the event

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Send an email to studentorgs@unco.edu with the message: 
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