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Final Results of April 2023 Election 

Student Body President: Erin Pettorino - 206 vote total

Vice President: Isaac Rupprecht - 202 vote total

Parliamentarian: Madison Calvert - 209 vote total

Treasurer: Andrew Gardalen - 205 vote total

Recording Secretary: Zygmunt Darschewski - 207 vote total

Student Trustee: Jazmin Martinez - 207 vote total

Results provided by Skylar Klocker, Election Commissioner


Special Election Information

The Constitution and structure update PASSED 157 to 12 and your Student Government Association wants to thank everyone who voted on the snow day!

The new Constitution provides more students with access to elected positions, effectively represents the student body, and establishes a more sustainable form of government.  The Constitution and organizational structure increases the number of Senators from 15 to 25 and establishes three (3) independent branches of the government.

For more information please review:

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is a governing body dedicated to serving the students of UNC. It is composed of 23 members: 8 cabinet members and 15 senators (3 from each college at UNC). Members of other areas of campus also sit on senate including representatives from the Professional Administrative Staff Council, Faculty Senate, Classified Staff Council, and Graduate Student Association. 

Members of the SGA serve as advocates for students' voices to the Administration, Board of Trustees, Shared Governance Groups and other campus groups. 

If you are interested in speaking at a SGA meeting, please contact Chief of Staff Jazmin Martinez with the following information; name, organization/group, overall purpose for speaking at SGA, and any documents or presentation materials you would like to share. A confirmation email will be sent after you have reach out, and you must make sure to have contacted the Chief of Staff by 5pm on Tuesdays.

Spring 2023 Meeting Calendar

Regular Meeting Dates & Remote Access
Meetings held in-person every Wednesday during the full academic semester at 5:30 p.m. in the University Center, Council Room.

If you have questions about accessing SGA Meetings remotely, please reach out to SGA Chief of Staff Jazmin Martinez.