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Differential Tuition FAQ                                                

(Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025)

For which classes will I be charged differential tuition ?
Differential tuition will be charged for non-liberal arts core courses in Sciences/SES/Art, Business, Nursing, Music, Theatre and Dance. Students will not pay differential tuition on any liberal arts core courses.
How much will differential tuition add to my bill?
The differential will be $18.00 per credit hour for non-liberal arts core Sciences/SES/Art classes, $40.00 per credit hour for non-liberal arts core Business classes. It will be $39.00 per credit hour for non-liberal arts core classes in Music, Theatre, & Dance courses and $64.00 per credit hour for non-liberal arts core Nursing classes. 
Does financial aid cover differential tuition?
Yes, financial aid is based upon an estimated total cost of attending (COA) UNC including an amount for average differential tuition minus the expected family contribution (EFC) as determined by your financial aid application (FAFSA). If you discover your differential tuition costs are higher than the average amount used in your COA, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid to see if an adjustment is possible.
Why is UNC charging a differential for these classes?
Differential tuition is one element in a university strategic pricing plan designed to enhance UNC academic program quality and student support services. Sciences/SES/Art, Business, Nursing, Music, Theatre and Dance programs all share three traits; they are high quality programs that also face higher demand and higher costs than many UNC programs. The money generated by differential tuition will help maintain quality in these programs and at UNC.
Why are Liberal arts core courses exempt from differential tuition?
We want to encourage students to explore new and diverse topics offered in liberal arts core courses.
Do other universities charge differential tuition?
Differential tuition is already in place at many other Colorado public universities. The University of Colorado and Colorado State University systems use an approach similar to UNC's.