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Center for Peer Health Education

The Center for Peer Education (CPE) is under the umbrella of Prevention Education and Advocacy Services. CPE provides education, support and resources for and about Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and other Drugs, Mental Health, Sexual Health, and any other health and wellness information.

Each year, colleges across the nation administer a National College Health Assessment that is used to gain a deeper understanding of health and wellness issues that affect students. Data from UNC’s assessment provides us with information about the stressors, issues and health concerns that college students on our campus are currently facing. Many of these issues continue to interfere with students’ academic success and overall well being.


The Center for Peer Education is an undergraduate student led organization that provides prevention education to student peers about alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs, mental health and overall healthy decision making. We hope that through education and awareness, we can equip our peers with the necessary tools to make safe and responsible decisions in an effort to create a safe and healthy campus experience for all.