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Bear Pantry Programs

Self Sufficiency Program 

The Bear Pantry Staff is committed to supporting  and educating students on campus on food insecurities and its impact on the UNC campus.  We realize that many of our  Bear Pantry students need more support then we are able to give.  We are would like to aid students to be in a position were they no longer need to utilize the Bear Bear Pantry. The purpose of the Self Sufficiency Program is to provide students with additional resources to to get them to a position that they are self sufficient. This program will offer assistance in completing a food stamp application, Financial literacy online forum, dietary counseling and job posting.

Bear Share Program 

Bear Pantry in collaboration with Dining Services has launched the Bear Share Program to raise awareness of food insecurities on campus. This program allows our bear pantry users the opportunity to receive a hot meal in the dining halls. 

How Can I Help? 

Do you have extra bonus meals? If so stop be one of the locations below to donate!

Where Do I Go To Donate?

Bear Pantry Ambassador/ Volunteer Program 

Bear pantry is always searching energetic and passionate leaders to volunteer or mentor with our program. The Bear Pantry Ambassador and Volunteer program is centered around finding what the volunteer or intern is interested in and there skill sets to create a project that the intern or volunteer is passionate about completing.  For interns we typically prefer students studying Nutrition, Business or Human Services.

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