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Student Employment

Campus Recreation is a major employer of students on-campus.  Much of the department's operations, programs and services are dependent upon student staff.  Because of this, our student employees must go through lots of training in order to be successful in their positions.  We not only train on job/task responsibilities, but also on:  customer relations, risk management, diversity-equity-inclusion, leadership, time management, and other professional and personal development areas.  Campus Recreation requires that all staff (students and full-time) are certified in American Red Cross CPR, First Aid, and AED.  It is expected that within a month of starting that all staff obtain this certification due to our commitment to providing a safe environment for all who participate in our programs or use our facilities.

While students are often hired into entry level positions, students can also find promotional opportunities at Campus Recreation.  They are also welcome to work in multiple areas in order to gain a variety of experiences.  There are full-time and graduate assistant staff that supervise the different areas of Campus Recreation and each area has its own hiring process and timeline due the nature of the programs.  Here is a list of the areas and the student employment positions within.

Areas and Student Positions

  • Competitive Sports
    • Competitive Sports Supervisor
    • Intramural Game Manager
    • Intramural Official
    • Student Program Assistant
  • Facility & Operations
    • Building Supervisor
    • Open Recreation Attendant
    • Facility Technician
    • Lifeguard (certification required)
    • Office Assistant
    • Student Custodian
    • Student Program Assistant
  • Fitness & Wellness
    • Group Fitness Instructor (certification required)
    • Personal Trainer (certification required)
    • Student Program Assistant
  • Marketing
    • Graphic Designer
    • Marketing Street Team 
    • Web and Social Media Assistant
    • Student Program Assistant
  • Outdoor Pursuits
    • Bike Mechanic
    • Climbing Wall Supervisor
    • Gear Shop Attendant
    • Ropes Course Facilitator
    • Trip Leader (certification required)
    • Student Program Assistant


Applications are accepted through UNC’s Handshake for all student positions. You can browse and apply for jobs using your bear email accounts. For more information about Handshake and student employment, contact the Center for Career Readiness or visit their website.


Work Study Information

Work study and student hourly are treated equally by Campus Recreation.  However, work study does provide the department with some financial assistance due to our extensive student staff size.  Campus Recreation encourages all applicants to inquire with the Financial Aid Office about their work study status prior to applying for their position through Handshake