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Personal Training

As a part of the Fitness and Wellness Program within the Department of Campus Recreation, Personal Training offers customized fitness programs to align with individual goals and abilities. All personal trainers in this program are certified through nationally accredited associations.

Personal Training is available to all of the UNC Community and there is a range of services and packages to fit your needs. Learn more about these offerings at the Front Desk or see below.


    EDUCATION: A personal trainer will help in the development of education regarding how to move your body, creating a proper exercise scheme, and how to stay safe while exercising. Fitness and wellness education is essential to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts, help build your personal understanding of your own body, and fundamentally keep you safe with all future fitness endeavors.

    MOTIVATION: A personal trainer can provide the encouragement you need to start a new healthy lifestyle. A personal trainer will also help you set appropriate goals and create a personalized exercise prescription to accomplish them.

    CONSISTENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY: A personal trainer can hold you accountable and help you overcome limitations that might take you off course, and can help you establish a new healthy routine.

    INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION: Everybody and every “body” is different. Your personal trainer will stay away from the generic cookie cutter approach and will create an exercise based prescription that is specific to your unique body mechanics, experience, fitness level, preferences and goals. You will be more likely to maintain a program that fits your unique needs.

    EFFECTIVE WORKOUTS: With a trained and certified personal trainer, you will have a partner who wants you to succeed.  Along with an individualized plan and encouragement, you can be sure that the workouts from your personal trainer will be progressive toward your goals.

    SAFETY: With honest communication between client and personal trainer, workouts will be conducted safely and under trained supervision to limit the risk of injury. Contrary to online workout programs, our Personal Trainers can and will provide real time feedback for proper cueing, movement pattern correction, and spotting which will help create more efficient and effective movement mechanics, ultimately keeping you safe and on pace to achieve your goals.


    • Fill out a New Client Registration Form (see registration info below). This will provide some basic information about yourself and lead to an initial consultation with a personal trainer.  No fees are exchanged yet.  You will not pay anything until you decide on the package and pricing plan that best fits your needs.
    • Initial Consult with a personal trainer…
    • Purchase the Personal Training Package that best suits your needs. Please view the options listed below in the Services and Rates section.  You can pay with Cash, Check, Credit Card or Payroll Deduction/Student Billing at the Front Desk with your personal trainer.
    • Sessions will begin at the agreed-upon times and days. Late arrivals will not extend your session time.  And, unexcused absences will be deducted as completed sessions from your package.
      • Communication expectations between client and personal trainer will be established during your initial consult or prior to your first session. Please be courteous with each others' time.
      • To maximize your session time with your personal trainer, please arrive at the start time dressed and ready to work.
    • Your personal trainer will greet you at the start of each session at the Front Desk of the Campus Recreation Center.

    All sessions and services must be used within a year from the date of purchase. Personal Training services can be charged to your Student Bill or be Payroll Deducted for UNC Faculty and Staff. 

    Personal Training Packages:

    5 Sessions

    • Student: $125
    • Member: $150

    10 Sessions

    • Student: $240 
    • Member: $290

    20 Sessions 

    • Student: $460
    • Member: $560

    Buddy Program

    6 Sessions.
    2 Participants

    • Student: $125/person ($250 total)
    • Member: $150/person ($300 total) 

    New Client Special

    6 Sessions +
    1 Assessment.

    • Student: $110
    • Member: $135

    Back-2-School Special!

    10 sessions for the price of 8!

    • Student: $192
    • Member: $232

    Customizable Fitness Assessment

    • Students: $15
    • Members: $20

    Fitness Equipment Orientation

    Available by appointment.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at:  fitness.wellness@unco.edu.