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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Outdoor Pursuits Ropes Course

We are no longer accepting Ropes Course reservations for this season.

We will being taking reservations for next season in April 2022

The UNC Ropes Course provides adventure-based educational opportunities intended to facilitate personal and group growth through a learning experience that incorporates both theory and practice. We are a catalyst for challenging people to go beyond their perceived boundaries, to work with others solving problems, and to experience success.

Now more than ever we are either experiencing the loss of connection and relationships to one another or we have a new understanding of the importance of being a part of a community. Due to the current COVID restrictions we have to be very intentional about how we can connect with one another. For this reason the UNC Ropes Course staff has develeoped three unique program opportunities that we will be offering to UNC and the greater Northern Colorado Community. We believe that our physically distanced and virtual programs will help our community through relationship building, open communication and thus provide a framework to develop deeper connections with one another. 

Physically Distanced Program Opportunities: 

On Campus Community Building Initiatives - Bring your group to the UNC Ropes Course for 1-2 hours of team building initiative activities. This program is tailored to your groups specific requests and needs. Whether you are looking for your group to develop a deeper trust, build communication skills or just be more acquainted with one another, we will facilitate activities that work towards those specific objectives. 

Mobile Community Building Facilitation- We understand traveling in groups can be difficult in this season which is why we have developed a mobile program allowing us to come to you! Our mobile program is focused on building acquaintanceship, connections, trust and communication.  

Virtual Teambuilding Sessions- Now that more and more of our lives have transitioned to being remote or at the very more virtual we have notived a void in the conversations and connections we once had when we were able to gather together. We no longer have the opportunity to catch up with someone during passing period or a co-worker on our way to our next meeting. Our virtual team building sessions have been developed to help foster relationships and build connections even though we are now meeting more virtually. We have programs from 1-2 hours and are also offering virtual scavenger hunts if your team is looking for some fun competition between members. This program is great for work groups and school groups of most ages. 

Program Options 

Our Ropes Course programs can be custom tailored to meet your group’s needs and desired outcomes. The programs we currently offer are highlighted below. Feel free to reach out to Chris Cobb at (970) 351-2067 for more details and clarifications or to discuss what you are hoping to achieve with your group. 

  • Group Development Activities

    Group development activities can combine icebreakers/warm-ups, initiatives, and the Low Ropes Course to create a program that helps your group learn and grow together. 

    Group development activities range from 1-2 hours and can accommodate 8-25 participants. 


    Fun activities that help participants get to know each other. Examples include name games, tag games, and relays. The outcome of these activities is strengthening group familiarity. 


    Problem/task-based activities that requires the group to work together. Initiatives can differ from physically to mentally challenging, and the process of completing the task teaches a lesson. 

    The Low Ropes Course consists of ground-based, built elements that participants utilize during different initiatives. 

    Group development activities range from 1-2 hours and can accommodate 8-25 participants. 

     $7 Per Person for on campus groups

    $12 Per Person for Off campus groups 

  • Low Ropes Course

    The Low Ropes Course consists of ground-based elements that are built versions of the initiatives at the UNC Ropes Course. 

    Group development activities range from 1-2 hours and can accommodate 8-25 participants. 

  • Combination High and Low Ropes Course


    A combination course involves both the High Ropes Course and Group Development Activities. Combination courses are a great way to get the most out of your challenge course experience. We have several different options regarding combination courses. 

    The High Ropes Course consists of elements and obstacles that are approximately 40 feet off the ground. Each element is designed to challenge the individual while the group maintains a supportive environment. 

    Combination Courses are available from 3-6 hour courses and can accommodate 8-50 participants. Our most popular course is a 4 hour course. 

    Most elements can be modified to aid participants with differing goals. Some potential outcomes of this course include: 

    • Confidence Building
    • Trust Development 
    • Self-awareness and Self-Efficacy
    • Care and Friendship
    • Establishing Sense of Community 
    • Recreation and Enjoyment 

Reservation Requests 

Please contact Chris directly at Christopher.Cobb@unco.edu We ask for at least 2 weeks of lead time from the day you put in your request to the day of your event. 

COVID Precautions and Policies 

  • All group members must have a signed waiver to participate
  • All group members will be required to wear a face covering whether indoors or outdoors
  • All programs are designed to be low to no touch 
  • All programs are designed to maintain a physical distance between participants where a physical distance will not be broken for more than seconds at a time 
  • All programs have a limited capacity number depending on space, location, and current CDC guidelines
  • All programs have increased hand washing protocols and increased access to hand sanitizer 


Costs vary depending on program type and length. 

On Campus Community Building Initatives 

  • Reservable for 1-2 hours 
  • Lows Only 
  • $5 Per person per hour  
  • Reservations available 7 days we

Mobile Community Building Facilitation

  • We come to you! 
  • $5 per person per hour, plus mileage costs 
  • Reservations available Monday's- Friday's  

Virtual Teambuilding Sesssion 

  • 1 hour and 2 hour programs available 
  • Rates start at $24 per session! 
  • Reservations available 7 days a week 


All participants are required to adhere to the following Ropes Course Policies. We expect all participants to pay attention, be involved and ask questions while we present safety rules and procedures. 

Safety is our priority, and we reserve the right to cancel programming at any point. 

  • Jewelry is not permitted, this includes but is not limited to: necklaces, earrings, studs, nose rings, watches and rings. 
  • Long hair must be tied up 
  • Wear closed toed athletic footwear that have shoe laces. 
    • Any other type of footwear is not permitted 
  • Clothing should be weather appropriate
  • Excessively short shorts and tank tops clothing are not allowed 
  • Please bring refillable water bottles 
  • No tobacco products, gum, candy permitted 
  • No drugs