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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates | Fall 2021 Plans

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When visiting the Rec Center, wear a mask and follow all signs and posted placards to keep the UNC community healthy. In order to monitor our capacity, reservations are required for Campus Rec access. More about Reservations

Start a UNC Club Sport

To start a UNC Club Sport first meet with the Coordinator of Club Sports, Brett Ford, to assess the interest and feasibility of forming a club. The club must prove there is interested, involved and committed student leadership capable of organizing and leading the club. When applying for recognition as a club sport availability for regional competition, fiscal, physical, and personnel resources will be reviewed prior to making a decision.

For all Club sports chartering with the University is required. A club constitution and operational by-laws need to be established.

All new clubs are placed on "probation" their first year. They must prove that the club will retain members and can be financially stable. First year clubs are ineligible for Club Sport funding offered to already established clubs.. 

Contact Club Sports

For more information about Club Sports please contact Brett Ford.

Phone: 970-351-2936
Email: brett.ford@unco.edu

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