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Intramural Sports Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between A, Coed, B, & Open league types?

    A leagues are for those that truly want to win. Emphasis is heavy on the competition side of the intramural game. Coed leagues have teams that are made up of males and females and generally include an equal number of each playing on the field at the same time (see league rules for further explanation). B leagues are for those looking to get out and play their favorite sports. Open leagues impose no gender restrictions and like B leagues emphasize fun before competition.

  • Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

    All UNC students, staff, and faculty are invited to participate in Intramural Sports. College varsity athletes must wait one year to participate in sports which they have lettered. Spouses and dependents of any student, staff, or faculty over the age of 18 are also eligible to participate. All intramural participants must have a current UNC recreation membership.

  • How can I participate in Intramural Sports?

    Just register on the Fusion Play Player App and you can create teams, join teams, or sign up as a free agent! For registration information go to our “How To Sign Up” Registration page.

  • When can I sign up?

    Registrations for each quarter are usually two weeks long and open the first full week after school starts. Registration dates are posted on the Intramural Sports webpage as well as the Fusion Play App.

  • What are the Team Captain’s responsibilities?
    The Team Captain is the main contact between the Intramural Sports office and their team. Team Captains are responsible for their team’s knowledge of the rules and sportsmanship requirements. They are responsible for notifying the Intramural Sports office 24 hours in advance of any cancellations during the season and will be responsible for any forfeit fines incurred by their team.
  • When and where do I play?
    Schedules for each league are posted in the Fusion Play App. Games are played at the UNC Recreation Center and UNC’s Multipurpose Outdoor field.
  • How many teams can I play with?
    Students are allowed to compete in as many sports as they wish. Students will not be allowed to participate on two teams within the same league. Also, if there are A and B divisions, students are only allowed to play in either the A or B division, not both. 
  • When are my practice times?
    The Intramural Sports program does not schedule practice times for any sport or league. However, teams are free to practice as much or as little as they would like.
  • How do I become an official?
    The Intramural Sports office is always seeking enthusiastic students to raise the quality of performance in their officials. Students interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity to lead competitive and recreational sporting events are encouraged to apply on handshake
  • Why participate in Intramural Sports?
    Intramural Sports allow students to have fun and compete at a variety of different levels while trying to win the coveted Intramural Champ Shirt!

Contact Intramural Sports

For more information about Intramural Sports please contact: Intramural.Sports@unco.edu.