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Intramural Sports at UNC 

Intramural Sports offer participants the opportunity play organized sports in a recreational but competitive atmosphere, learn new sports skills, and have fun with fellow friends and students. The Intramural Sports program offers a wide variety of team sports, team and individual tournaments, and special events. 

Image of Intramural Sports Fall Season B poster with a basketball player dunking. The poster is announcing the start of registration for 5v5 basketball and 6v6 volleyball leagues as well as pickle ball and cornhole tournaments. Registration is from 10/5/23 through 10/20/23 and games will begin on 10/23/23. To register you can contact malik.osborne@unco.edu.

How to Sign Up for Intramurals! 

If you are interested in playing intramurals this semester, please follow the steps below to sign up!

Step 1: Download “UNCO Rec App” in the app store (it will have the UNC campus recreation image on the front of the app).

Step 2: Log into the app using your bear mail!

Step 3: Click on the icon indicating “intramural sports”.

Step 4: Open and download the FusionPlay app. Once you download and log in, you can see all the sports that are offered including days and times they are played.

Step 5: Once you have decided which league you would like to join, you will need to go back to the UNC Campus Rec App, click on the “membership renewal” icon and buy an intramural pass. You will need to BUY an intramural pass BEFORE you can register for a sport. * Each person that wants to join the team and league will need to individually purchase a pass before signing up!

Step 6: Once you buy the intramural pass, then go back into the FusionPlay app and register for the sport and league you want.

Now you are ready to play!


Contact Intramural Sports

For more information about Intramural Sports please contact: Malik.Osborne@unco.edu. 

Register for a Sport!