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Work-Study and Student Employment

One popular source of financial aid is student employment. Student employment includes federal and state need-based work-study programs, no-need state work-study programs and student-hourly employment, which is available to any student enrolled at least half time, regardless of their financial aid eligibility.

Research shows that students who are employed for a reasonable number of hours per week, while attending college, tend to get better grades because they are more organized and responsible.

The Office of Student Employment at UNC is a part of the Office of Financial Aid and serves students seeking employment on and off campus during the academic year and summer term.

Student Employee Handbook

Work Study action items (How to accept) 

Work Study action items (Finding a Job)

  • Need-Based Work-Study

    Federal and state work-study programs are need-based aid programs that allow you to work and earn money and may be included as part of the financial aid package that you are awarded. Work-study funds are only earned if hours are actually worked. Work Study funds are taxable earnings and do not need to be repaid.

    • Apply for work-study assistance by submitting the FAFSA by the June 1 priority date each year and indicating that you are interested in work-study.
    • Undergraduates must enroll for at least 12 credits; graduate students must enroll for at least 5 credits.
    • Undergraduates will be considered for state and federal work-study; graduates and non-residents may only receive federal work-study.
    • On-campus employers include but are not limited to:
      • Michener Library
      • Residence Life (Housing/Food Service)
      • Facilities & Operations
      • Academic/Administrative Offices
      • Parking Services
      • Campus Police
      • Campus Recreation
      • University Center
    • Limited off-campus jobs are also available with the following nonprofit agencies:
      • School District #6
      • Union Colony Civic Center
      • YMCA of Northern Colorado
      • 21st Century/Partners
      • Boys and Girls of Larimer County
      • Centennial BOCES
      • City of Greeley - Recreation Department
      • City of Evans - Recreation Department
      • Eaton Area Park and Recreation
      • Soccer Without Borders
      • Greeley Museums
      • High Plains Library
      • Boys and Girls Club of Weld County
      • Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado
    • Your work-study allocation is the total dollar amount that you may earn during the academic year.
    • A student employee may never exceed a 40-hour work week, even during periods of non-enrollment.
    • Freshmen are advised to work between 10-12 hours a week their first year.
    • Continuing students are advised not to work more than 20 hours per week when classes are in session.
    • A student employee must maintain good academic standing.
    • Program funds are limited. Work-study awards (Offered or Accepted) may be canceled if employment in a work-study position has not been secured prior to October 1. Student with canceled funds may submit a request to the work-study waitlist to have have funds reinstated, only if funding is available. 
  • No-Need Work-Study

    To apply for no-need work-study, you must have completed the FAFSA and not qualify for need-based financial assistance. This award is only for Colorado resident undergraduate students.

    • To apply, you must submit the online waitlist request. This fund is not automatically awarded.
    • To be eligible, you must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours and be in good academic standing.
    • The award will be reflected on your award letter via Ursa. 
    • Jobs must be on-campus.
  • Student Non-Work-Study Employment

    Any UNC student enrolled can seek student hourly employment on campus, regardless of financial aid eligibility.

    • To avoid paying into retirement and Medicare, undergraduate students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester and graduate students must take 5 credit hours per term. Students enrolled less than half-time will need to contact UNC’s Payroll Office to inquire about enrollment requirements in relation to paying into retirement and Medicare.
    • All student employees must obtain authorization from their employer before starting a job.
    • Students attending classes on a part-time basis during spring semester, can be considered for student employment for summer. 
    • Once a student graduates, employment for the next term is an option if the student has been admitted to Graduate School, or another degree-granting program.
  • Student Employee Wage Rates

    No student may be paid less than the minimum wage, or more than the highest wage listed below.

    • Minimum wage is $15.00 per hour as of January 1, 2024. This rate is used for new students or students with little experience.
    • Students may be paid any amount between $15.00 and $20.00 per hour.
    • Higher wage scale should be used for Master/Doctorate students and students with a high level of experience.
    • Raises are at the discretion of the employer.

    Direct Deposit Form

  • Work-Study Waitlist 

    The work-study waitlist is for eligible students who did not receive work-study funds on their award letter.  The waitlist can also be used to request additional work-study funds when a student has exceed their initial allocation.

    Note:UNC's federal and state work-study program is now fully allocated for the 2023-24 academic year. If you have connected your work-study allocation to the job, you can continue to earn funds awarded for the Spring semester. However, no additional positions can be added to the program.  As a result, we are no longer accepting work-study waitlist requests.  Students can still connect to non-work-study employment opportunities on campus. These opportunities can be found on Handshake.  The work-study program will resume in Fall 2024. 

    • Waitlist request will be reviewed beginning September 15 and are processed for eligible students when funding becomes available.

    • Awards are made on a first-come, first-service basis, however priority may be given to students who had work-study in the prior school year.

    • Awarding is based on allocation spending levels, and there is no guarantee students on the waitlist will be awarded work-study funds.

    • Request for students who do not demonstrate financial need or those whose need has already been met through other aid programs cannot be approved. 

    • Duplicate requests will not be reviewed. 

    • In additional to email notifications, status updates can be viewed in in Ursa on the Financial Tab under outstanding requirements.

                                                           Work-Study Waitlist

Student Employment Job Bank

The Student Employment and Center for Career Readiness offices have combined their respective job banks in order to better streamline our services.  This was done to provide smoother and more efficient job searching capabilities for our students, and productive job postings for our potential employers. As a student you will click on the Student Job Search - Handshake link. For instructions on how to log in, click on the "How do I Use Handshake?" link on the Center for Career Readiness webpage.

For potential employers, you will click on the Employers Posting Positions link below, and choose the "Employers" bullet, then click on the "Post a Job or Internship" option. 

For further information you may reach Center for Career Readiness at 970-351-2127, or Student Employment at 970-351-2628.

Student Employee Job Fair

During fall semester the Office of Student Employment hosts the UNC Job Fair at the University Center. The Job Fair provides you with a chance to talk to employers in one convenient location. Employers take applications and/or may hire that day for work study and student hourly positions.

Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY)

Our student workers are a vital part of our university family. Each year we celebrate their help and achievements during the 2nd week of April. This time each year is set aside for campus employers to recognize and appreciate the contributions of their student staff. See our  Student Employee of the Year page for more information. 

Summer Employment

Students interested in Summer Employment opportunities should contact employers directly about summer work opportunities. Individual departments pay students through hourly budgets. Students interested in summer employment can find open positions at Handshake