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Group Fitness

As a part of the Fitness and Wellness Program within the Department of Campus Recreation, our Group Fitness offering includes a variety of classes each week that are welcoming to all fitness levels. Joining a group fitness class is fun and can help participants discover new abilities, while also finding a community of people on a similar journey. Group fitness allows students to experience a variety of workouts, under proper guidance from our certified instructors, with many benefits (physical, social, intellectual, etc.) that can help them achieve a more balanced lifestyle. Our class modalities include: strength, cardio, dance, stretching, yoga and fusion formats.

Classes are open to all students with a current FitPass and are included in all non-student memberships. FitPasses are currently offered for daily or semesterly use.  Inquire at the Front Desk for more information or see below.


    • If you are a student, purchase a FitPass to provide unlimited access to Group Fitness Classes. See information about the FitPass below.
      • If you are new to Group Fitness, you are welcome to join us for one of our “free” weeks or purchase a “Day” pass at the Front Desk to try it out.
    • Identify the class(es) of interest by reviewing the semester schedule listed below. Pay close attention to the Class Descriptions and the Intensity Levels.
    • Class spaces are limited due to size of the rooms, so we suggest that you arrive 5 minutes early as we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis.
      • Out of respect to our instructors, other attendees and for your own safety, late-arrivals may not be permitted to join once class has begun.
    • Come prepared and dressed in proper attire. The Class Descriptions page can help you decide what to wear and bring.
      • Towels are available for FREE at the Front Desk.
    • You MUST bring your Bear ID Card, as your FitPass will be linked to it. First, swipe in at the Front Desk, then you will swipe again in your Class.
      • We cannot admit you into class without your Bear ID Card.
    • You can also register for classes and use your Digital ID to sign-in with your UNCO Campus Rec App!

    • The FitPass allows students to attend any, and all, Group Fitness Classes during the corresponding semester. Non-student members pay for this access as a part of their membership fees.
    • Students can purchase a FitPass at the Front Desk or they can charge them to their student bill by submitting a Student Billing Form OR they can purchase them ONLINE or on the UNCO Campus Rec App!


    FitPass Pricing for 2023-2024 Academic Year:

    Semester Pass =   $40
      Early Bird Semester Pass =
    (special ends 9/3/23)
      Mid-semester Pass =
    (begins 10/16/23)
    Annual Pass =
    (Fall + Spring)
    BEST VALUE! Early Bird Annual Pass =
    (special ends 9/3/23)
    Summer 2024 Pass =   TBA



    Want to schedule a customized workshop with your office, friends, student club or group?

    Schedule a class, workshop, or special program with UNC's Campus Rec Fitness and Wellness Program. These customized workshops include a certified instructor, a fitness presentation, and/or team-building activity. We will work with you on personalizing your experience.

    To get started, you will need to complete the Campus Recreation Fitness and Wellness Outreach Form. When completing the form and selecting the types of activities, classes or events, you will be able to select "Other" if you don't see something you are interested in. Please provide your ideas and we will be happy to work with you to fulfill your request.