Current Students

Doctoral level study includes many deadlines, dates, forms and process. Here you will find links to required documents, deadlines and handbooks.


The CES Student Program Handbook relates the policies and procedures that guide your involvement in the doctoral program. All students are expected to read and follow the information provided here. This handbook is meant to supplement information available thorough other UNC websites and the UNC Catalog.

Students’ progress in the doctoral program is reviewed bi-annually until they are admitted to doctoral candidacy. All student must submit course evaluation forms to all faculty who have instructed them in the prior calendar year. Students are responsible for providing faculty these forms and for completing the annual updating of their resumes and personal goal statements. Students must have submitted their updated resume and responses to answers the goal statements to their advisors by the due dates listed in bi-annual review guidelines.


Internship Manual

This manual is provided to students in order to guide them through the internship experience. It contains policies, procedures, contracts and forms that all students will need to complete and document their internship experiences and activities. Please download the proper manual below.




Thesis and Dissertation Manual

This manual is available online at the UNC Graduate School webpage. Students are expected to read and understand the policies and procedures that guide the dissertation process. In the School of Applied Psychology and Counselor Education all doctoral dissertations include a manuscript for publication, generally referred to a chapter 6. This manuscript is placed in the appendix of the dissertation and is designed to encourage all students to publish the results of their study. The manual is available on the Graduate School's Web site.



Leadership Retreats

Each fall and spring the CES faculty in conjunction with CES students plan and host a Leadership Retreat. These retreats are meant to provide a time for students, alumni and faculty to come together in a supportive learning environment that benefits all. This gathering allows all who have gathered a time to focus on aspects of leadership, advocacy and professional development specifically targeted to counselor educators and supervisors. These retreats are often held on a Friday morning late in the term and are open to CES students, CES alumni, and faculty.


Professional Development and Mentoring

As a member of the CES program all students are expected to submit at least one conference proposal at the state, regional or national level. Students may present alone, in teams with their peers or with faculty. Additionally, students are expected to attend regional, state or national conference as well write for publication prior to completion of their doctoral program. CES and APCE faculty are committed to robust mentoring relationships between and among students and faculty. Mentoring relationships, while informally constructed are a critical part of students programs.