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Health and Safety Resources

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Counseling is provided to all UNC employees by the professional staff of the UNC Counseling Center.  Faculty, Administrative/Exempt, and Classified employees, in addition to their household members, are eligible to receive up to ten free counseling sessions per year.  Counseling is confidential and available at no cost.  The location is conveniently located on campus in Cassidy Hall.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the UNC Counseling Center at 970-351-2496. Learn more about EAP services on the UNC Counseling Center’s website.


The UNC CARE Team is comprised of a group of dedicated professionals trained specifically to address a broad range of health and safety concerns. At UNC, we greatly appreciate your participation in making our campus a safe and healthy community.


UNC Health Center

The Student Health Center is now able to provide healthcare for minor illness or injury to UNC faculty and staff. While not intended to replace your primary care physician or to treat work-related injuries, the Student Health Center can help you access care for a variety of minor health issues.

Campus Rec Center

The purpose of the Campus Recreation Wellness Program is to promote a holistic approach to health trough innovative and quality programming.  The Campus Recreation Center offers fitness and recreation programs, intramural and club sports, and special events and wellness education. More informaiton about the Campus Recreation Center.

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report

The University of Northern Colorado is committed to providing a safe and secure campus where the pursuit of higher education can take place while balancing individual rights, responsibilities, and freedoms. The University of Northern Colorado is an open campus that has traditionally experienced a relatively low crime rate. Although the possibility of a criminal act occurring against a member of the University community is statistically low, criminal activity does occasionally take place on campus. It is for this reason the University continually strives to upgrade the campus’ physical security, improve crime reduction programs, and provide proactive policing.


Workers' Compensation

The Workers Compensation Act of Colorado exists to ensure the quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers. Workers compensation insurance covers work-related injuries and disease. Benefits include medical, wage loss, and death benefits.

When workers are injured on the job, it must be reported to the supervisor and to Human Resources within four working days of the occurrence. The employee must complete a First Report of Injury form at the Human Resources office. If the injury is life or limb threatening, the employee should seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room. Otherwise a Human Resources representative will schedule an appointment for the employee with UNC's designated medical provider.


Notice to UNC Employees

Your employer is insured under the Workers’ Compensation Act by PINNACOL ASSURANCE

If you are injured or sustain an occupational illness/disease while at work  please contact UNC Human Resources at 970-351-2718 as soon as possible.  You may be entitled to compensation benefits as provided by law.  Written notice must be given to your employer WITHIN FOUR (4) WORKING DAYS OF THE ACCIDENT.  If you fail to report an injury or occupational illness/disease promptly, Loss of Benefit penalties may be assessed against you.

No compensation is payable for the first three (3) days of disability unless the period of disability exceeds two (2) weeks.  Thereafter, the compensation rate while disabled is full pay for 90 days, then 66.66% of your average weekly wage, subject to a statutory maximum determined annually as provided by law.

You are hereby notified that if a child support obligation is owed, compensation benefits may be attached and payment of the child support obligation may be withheld and forwarded to the obligee pursuant to sections 8-42-124 and 26-13-122(4), C.R.S. treatment for treatment of injuries or occupational diseases. 

If you are injured while at work and medical attention is required, contact Human Resources**.  You will choose one of our designated medical providers and HR will schedule an appointment on your behalf.

In addition to any reports the employer is required to file, an injured employee may file his own claim for compensation and medical benefits in order to protect his future rights.  To obtain claim forms, if your compensation is not paid promptly during your disability, or if you require additional information concerning your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act, contact the visit the Worker’s Compensation Division.

Workers’ Compensation Division
633 17th Street, Suite 400
Denver, CO 80202 

 ** In the event of an emergency, go directly to the nearest Emergency Room/Facility.  

To complete a First Report of Injury, contact Megan Bauer at 970-351-2718 as soon as possible after the incident.

Bear in Mind

Bear in Mind is a publication developed by the Environmental Health & Safety Department to provide information and guidance to the UNC community about environmental, safety and health issues. Issues come out every quarter.  To find current and archived issues visit the Environmental Health & Safety website.