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Bear Connections & HR Campus Initiatives

As a part of UNC’s strategic planning, President Feinstein and the Leadership Council identified 5 areas that are critical to UNC’s success. Under Enhance and Invest, the council recognized that “the success of students relies on a healthy and strong team.”

In Rowing, Not Drifting 2030, UNC’s goal is to foster an environment where our employees’ well-being and sense of belonging are supported. Healthy and happy employees help ensure the collective success of the entire campus.

The goal of this page is to highlight some of the programs UNC is initiating to create an environment of employee support and recognition. We want to make UNC a desirable place to work and create a culture of belonging. We need your help, too!

Build a Bear Up

UNC employees can now recognize and surprise a colleague by sending a friendly UNC Bear with a personalized greeting to recognize good work. The HR staff will deliver a UNC bear with a personalized message to the recipient's office. 

Let’s build our Bears community up by recognizing one another and taking a moment to appreciate our friends and colleagues across our campus!

Recognition Bear Order Form

Sample Bear Thank-you 

Volunteer Admin Leave

The purpose of Volunteer Administrative Leave is to encourage faculty and staff to participate in volunteer activities by providing paid time off for volunteering. 

Volunteer Admin Leave Policy

Holiday Calendar

Once again, we will have ten days off during winter break. Below you will find our Holiday Calendar. 

2023 Holiday Calendar

2024 Holiday Calendar

Prof. Development 

UNC faculty, staff, GA/TA, and student employees now have access to LinkedIn Learning.                                                                

LinkedIn Learning


Modified Summer Work Week

UNC recognizes the benefit that employee work-life balance can have on employee morale and overall productivity. A modified summer workweek allows employees to pursue personal interests during time normally spent at work

Modified Summer Workweek Information