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Search Committee Overview

The hiring authority may charge the committee to perform any or all aspects of a search, except for making the final selection.  The committee may screen, interview and refer applicants who successfully meet those minimum qualifications to the hiring authority, although the hiring authority still retains the right to consider any or all applicants.  The hiring authority should determine the exact role of the committee prior to the committee beginning work.

Items to know about Search Committee procedures:

  • The number of members of a search and screening committee shall not exceed five (5) unless a larger number is approved by the Vice President or President due to unusual circumstances. 
  • The hiring authority should also request a sixth member to serve as the Affirmative Action officer.  This individual does not take part in the selection process, but instead reviews the screening process and interviews final candidates to ensure the practices complied with the University‚Äôs policy on equal opportunity employment.
  • Task that the hiring authority may pass to the search committee include: 
    • suggesting interviewing criteria,
    • reviewing all applicant files,
    • developing a short list for interviews,
    • conducting telephone and / or preliminary interviews to determine the recommended finalists,
    • conducting references checks, and
    • making recommendations for final consideration to the hiring authority for interview and selection.  
  • In composing a search committee, the hiring authority should carefully consider unique personal, professional, cultural, and organizational contributions sought from each potential member. 
  • When a search and screen committee process is used to fill a position for a level four (IV) and below, unless specifically authorized in writing by the President or appropriate Vice-President, the maximum travel allowance for bringing candidates to on-campus interviews shall be five hundred dollars ($500) per candidate.  The use of less expensive technology to conduct interviews is encouraged.
  • Once the hiring authority has interviewed all finalists, verified references, and determined the candidate who best meets the needs of the department and the position, the hiring authority should discuss the tentative offer with the appropriate Vice-President and/or Dean prior to making a tentative offer of employment. The hiring authority or committee chair must complete the Closing-Contract Offer form and submit it for approval with signatures prior to issuing a letter of intent.
  • The search is deemed closed once a successful candidate is hired.  The AA/EO coordinator or hiring authority will oversee the exit interviews and submit the forms to the HRS Recruitment/EEO specialist.  Any subsequent issues regarding the search process should be directed to the HRS specialist.
  • To close the search, the hiring authority must submit to the HRS Recruitment/EEO specialist the Closing-Contract Offer form with all position finalists and signatures, the Search Chair Check-Off List with all of its enclosures, and the finalist files.
  • If a search fails to produce a successful candidate, the hiring authority may personally review or direct the committee members to review all applicant files to determine other finalists to consider, begin the hiring process again using the same or different process/committee, or request a Direct Appointment based on extenuating circumstances with approval by the Vice President, Human Resource Services Director, and President prior to appointment.