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Leave Programs

The following benefits are the same or similar for all eligible classifications. A general description is listed below for each. Refer to the State Personnel Board Rules (for Classified) and the UNC Board of Trustees Policy Manual (for Faculty/Professional Exempt) for further information, details, and specific rules regarding the following benefits.

Workers' Compensation (Injury) Leave

The Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado exists to ensure the quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers. Workers compensation insurance covers work-related injuries and disease. Benefits include medical, wage loss, and death benefits. When workers are injured on the job, the incident must be reported to the supervisor and to Human Resources as soon as possible, preferably at the time of the incident, but at most within four working days of the occurrence. The employee must complete a First Report of Injury form at the Human Resources (HR) office. If the injury is life or limb threatening, the employee should seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency room. Otherwise a HR representative will schedule an appointment for the employee with UNC's designated medical provider. For more information, please contact human.resources@unco.edu for more information. 

Family and Medical Leave

Employee must have at least 12 months of University service (need not be continuous) and at least 1,250 hours actually worked in the 12 month period immediately preceding commencement of the leave (hours actually worked includes overtime, but does not include holiday, vacation, sick leave, or other paid leaves). 

Volunteer Leave

All full-time classified, professional administrative staff, and faculty will be eligible each fiscal year to use 16 hours of paid administrative leave to participate in community or school volunteer activities. Leave can be taken in one hour increments and should be requested at least one week in advance with the employee's supervisor. For part-time employees, the 16 hours will be prorated by FTE.

Civil Duty Leave

Any employee who is validly subpoenaed or summoned to involuntarily appear or serve as a juror in a judicial forum or compelled to appear before a judicial, legislative or administrative body with civil poser to compel attendance during regularly scheduled work hours, shall be entitled to receive leave with pay for a period of time necessary for such appearance if the appearance may not be reasonably accommodated by rescheduling the employee’s work hours, as determined by the University. Any compensation received for the appearance, other than travel and meal allowances, shall be reported to the University and deducted from any salary paid by the University for such Civil Leave. Civil leave shall not be granted for appearances as an expert witness for a party to litigation. Civil leave must be approved in advance in writing by the employee’s supervisor.

Bereavement Leave

Bereavement leave provides up to 40 hours of paid leave to permanent employees at the time of death of a family member or other person. The decision to grant and the amount of leave are based on the relationship to the deceased and the distance and mode of transportation.

Military Leave

Upon presenting proper military orders, an employee who enters active military service, including active service for training purposes, with the armed forces of the United States or other branch of service in the national defense, shall be granted military leave without pay. Paid leave of fifteen (15) calendar days will be available per year for military training upon presenting proper military orders.

Paid Holiday Leave

Full-time employees shall be compensated for all holidays designated by the President that fall on regularly scheduled work days of the employee, provided that the employee has worked or been on approved leave for the required workday of the employee after the holiday. Unless otherwise restricted, part-time employees are provided a pro-rated allocation of compensated holiday leave under the same conditions as full-time employees.