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State Classified Staff

About the State Classified Employee System

Classified employees are part of the Colorado Classified State Personnel System.   The Classified State Personnel System is a merit system, which means that all appointments and promotions to jobs in the system require applicants to apply and compete against similar standards.

The Colorado Constitution also requires that candidates for state classified jobs MUST BE RESIDENTS of Colorado, unless the State Personnel Board waives this requirement. If the residency requirement has been waived for a position it will be noted in the job announcement. In addition, only current permanent state government employees may apply for jobs listed under the Promotional/Transfer section.

Colorado State Government is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate for or against any applicant based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, or disability. All employment opportunities are open to qualified persons who are at least 16 years old (unless other age limits are required).

2019 Annual Required Notice is available at benefitsolver.com or PDF.

2019 Classified Open Enrollment Benefits Guide

Medical Insurance Benefits

Medical Coverage Information

Medical Coverage Information

Cafe Wellness

State of Colorado Employee Wellness Program powered by CaféWell. By completing activities designed to make you healthier and happier, you can earn up to $240 per year toward your state-sponsored health insurance premiums for the next plan year. To earn your medical premium discounts for FY2018-19, you must earn 240 points online in CaféWell by June 15, 2018.

State of Colorado Wellness Plan/Cafe Wellness

Benefit Hub

BenefitHub provides over 100,000 exclusive discounts on goods and services from both local and national vendors. You can also earn cash back on most purchases and redeem at any time with same-day processing.

State of Colorado Benefit Hub

Retirement Plans

Mandatory Retirement Plans

The University requires all employees to contribute 8% of your salary towards your retirement plan. Classified employees will participate in Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA). The University contributes 10.15% of your salary to PERA. The retirement plan is in lieu of Social Security, which is not an option here.

Learn more about PERA

Supplemental Retirement Plans

Employees may also elect to contribute additional retirement funds through payroll deductions by enrolling in a 403(b) or 457 plan. These deductions are tax deferred income.

View List of Providers

Additional Information for Vendors


Leave Benefits

Sick Leave

Sick leave is provided in the event time off is needed for health reasons. This includes diagnostic and preventative examinations, treatment, and recovery. Full-time employees will accrue 6.66 hours per month.

Annual Paid Leave

Annual leave is provided for an employee’s personal needs. Accrued vacation hours vary based on years of service. See the State Personnel Board Rules, Section 5-11 for further details.

Learn more about Paid Leave


  • Classified Staff Council(CSC)
  • Working Together Foundation - Working Together is a non-profit private organization established by state employees and exclusively for state employees. Working Together provides emergency assistance to current or retired state employees in times of need. Visit the website for more information.

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