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Information for Faculty

The University of Northern Colorado is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity/Title IX employer that is committed to a culturally diverse staff, faculty, and student body.

2019 Health Benefits

Retirement Benefits

Mandatory Retirement Plan

The University requires all employees to contribute 8% of your salary towards your retirement plan.  Employees may choose one of four retirement vendors: PERA (you must have already been in PERA for one year to enroll), TIAA, Metlife, or VALIC.  The University contributes 11.5% of your salary to TIAA, Metlife, or VALIC which are all 401(a) retirement plans and 10.15% to PERA, which is a defined benefit plan.  The retirement plans are in lieu of Social Security, which is not an option at UNC.

* ORP Election - Employees who do not select a retirement plan within 60-days will be automatically enrolled in one by Human Resources. 

Supplemental Retirement Plans

ORP Retirement Plan Vendors


Representative: Kelly Pachelo-Forehand 
(303) 886-8904
Metlife has 51 annuity investment options through the Metlife Financial Freedom Select platform. 


Representative: Thomas Whisenant
(303) 626-4021
TIAA offers 20 mutual fund and annuity options. Enrollment online is available at www.tiaa.org/unco .


Representative: Ralph Janitell
(303) 532-9121
VALIC (Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company) has 62 annuity options through the Portfolio Director platform.

Short-Term Disability (Sick) Leave

Full-time administrative /professional exempt staff employee shall be entitled to a maximum of ninety (90) days of fully compensated leave for short-term disability each fiscal year.  See Board Policy Manual, Section 2-2-302 Short-Term Disability (Sick) Leave, for more information.


About Greeley

Nestled between the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the sprawling high plains just an hour’s drive north of Denver, the metro-Greeley area has a population over 100,000. Its pace is comfortable, its personality eclectic, its population diverse. Located In the heart of Weld County - one of the fastest-growing areas in Colorado - Greeley provides access to an abundance of housing choices, job opportunities and cultural, recreational and entertainment amenities. You'll find all the major retailers and chain restaurants, great locally-owned shops and restaurants, and have easy access to a wide variety of Colorado adventures, whether you’re into skiing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, shopping or just exploring new vistas.

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