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Master of Arts in Teaching ASL - Online Program with Summer Sessions

About the Program

The Teaching American Sign Language (TASL) Program is a distance delivered master's degree with required onsite summer sessions which prepares instructors to teach American Sign Language (ASL) in a number of settings including secondary and post-secondary settings. The focus of this program is on pedagogical coursework as applicable to teaching ASL as a foreign or as a modern language, not learning or mastering ASL. Therefore, students must demonstrate ASL proficiency prior to acceptance into the program.

This program starts in the summer and consists of 30 semester hours to be completed in five consecutive semesters and students will be expected to complete two teaching practica expbleepereriences, a portfolio, and a master's project as part of their graduation requirements.

Please be forewarned that students may need to relocate for their practica experiences if there are no opportunities available locally. However - every effort will be made to locate practicum experiences locally before asking students to consider relocating for their practicum.

Colorado Licensure with K-12 Endorsement in Teaching ASL

Students will also have the opportunity to take additional courses to obtain their teacher licensures in the state of Colorado which may also be accepted by other states. Students will need to contact Vicky Stromberger at (970) 351-1624 or for more information. More information can be found here as well.

Who Should Apply?

The TASL Program is designed for students who are proficient in ASL with a minimum of a baccalaureate degree and an interest in becoming an ASL instructor in the secondary and post-secondary setting. In addition, this program provides additional coursework allowing students to obtain their Colorado teacher licensure if so desired.

Why Choose the UNC TASL Program?

There are a number of reasons to choose the UNC TASL Program as a means of furthering one's education. With its pedagogical coursework, the TASL Program is designed to teach students how to teach ASL using the newest research available with input from multiple expert sources. In addition, courses are designed for distance delivery with onsite summer sessions to impact the national need for highly qualified instructors of ASL.

This degree program:

  • Is approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education and the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Is based on a state-of-the-art curriculum designed with input from national experts in the field.
  • Has a nationally recognized instructional staff that includes both Deaf and hearing members.
  • Provides national access through its delivery system.
  • Includes face-to-face collaborative sessions during the summer semesters.
  • Prepares graduates to confidently teach ASL in secondary and post-secondary settings.
  • Provides additional coursework that allows students to obtain a Colorado teaching license.





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