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Provost's Call for Innovation

Innovation@UNC (I@UNC) is a call to respond to a magnitude of change unparalleled in UNCís history. Demographic, economic and societal shifts prevent us from proceeding as in the past. Fewer high school graduates are now academically and financially prepared for college; UNC faces increasing competition from traditional universities and for-profit entities; our state funding is permanently constrained; and our economy requires college graduates with broader knowledge.

Our campus is filled with people who bring creativity and ingenuity to their classrooms and daily work. Together, we can solidify UNCís future in a new landscape with game-changing innovations that honor the fundamental tenets of teaching and learning we value. I@UNC asks for your innovative ideas to offer new programs, reach new learners, deliver programs in new formats, develop new teaching techniques, and find new ways to support student success. We will invest $1 million over two years in the most promising proposals.

Announcing the Year 2 Funded Proposals