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Women's Health Care

To obtain oral contraceptives (birth control pills, etc.) from the Student Health Center, we require yearly pelvic exams, including pap smears, and history updates, all of which can be completed at the UNC Health Center. Copies of exams and Pap smear results from your private physician can be brought to the health center and evaluated by one of our Providers. If you have a prescription from a physician outside of the Student Health Center, contact the health center at 970-351-2412 to see if your prescription can be refilled in our Drug Outlet.

Obstetric care (pregnancy care) is not available at the Student Health Center. OB care is a covered benefit under the UNC insurance plan. If you are on the UNC insurance and need to see an OB/GYN contact the Insurance Office at 970-351-1915 for further information regarding this covered benefit and to find participating OB/GYN physicians in your area.