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You have support along your journey! Follow @unco_success on Instagram for tips, reminders, and *secrets* to college from the advisors and staff in Student Academic Success.

We value Student Academic Success: find your support for the college journey!

Mission Statement: UNC Student Academic Success Departments provide holistic, inclusive support helping students navigate the institution to meet their academic and personal goals by building meaningful relationships and enacting intentional support practices. 

Most services and support on campus are included in YOUR fees and tuition. Use the community of support to get the most out of being a UNC Bear. You might meet with many people from Student Academic Success:

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Stephanie Torrez

Assistant Vice President
Student Academic Success


Find Help by Topic

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Advisors and Mentors

You have professional, trained support on campus to answer academic program questions and guide your transition as a college student.

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Academic Probation

Academic Probation means your cumulative GPA is below 2.0, and you are on a warning until you raise it. You have support along the way. 

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Individual Class Help

Using the tools and resources you need to feel confident and prepared for class shows your commitment to YOUR academic success. 

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Campus Support

We are a community of Bears who care and support each other. You can find your place in your college, in our community centers, and through student life.

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Selecting classes is the heart of the college experience. The Office of the Registrar, a part of Bear Central, handles the academic side of your student account.

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Paying for College

College is expensive; we have resources to help. Every year apply for UNC and outside scholarships. We also have the Office of Financial Aid to help with questions.