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SOAR provides proactive academic coaching to students in the Bear First Program as well as provides individuals academic advising to exploring students or students considering a major change. 

SOAR provides students with academic and personal support in an inclusive environment by teaching them the skills necessary to make self-motivated academic decisions. 

Contact SOAR

Michener L149

Phone: 970-351-1391


8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Bears First

Bears First helps you establish a strong first year of academic success through personalized coaching and advising, facilitating the development of individual academic success plans and formalized connections to campus resources and support

Bears First participants are identified through the Office of Admissions and many students classify as first generation. Participation in the program establishes a foundation for success at UNC through a structured approach to personalized proactive coaching and advising in an inclusive and caring environment. 


SOAR and UNC are committed to helping you if you have  come to college to explore the major options that are available.

UNC identifies undeclared students as exploring. If you do not have a major in mind, are considering multiple major options or are Seeking Theatre, Seeking Musial theatre and Seeking Music you are an exploring student

We can also guide you if you are considering a major change but are unsure of what you want to switch to.

FERPA protects your academic information


Due to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), University staff can provide academic information about a student only to the student themselves. This includes items such as cumulative grade point average, grades, and academic standing. However, a great deal of general information can be shared with the support system of a student.