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How Are You Going to Change the World?

Leadership Studies at the University of Northern Colorado defines leadership as a process of social influence which develops the capacity of a human community to bring forth new realities. As our definition brings to light, Leadership Studies is about harmonizing individual leadership skills and characteristics with the communities we’re a part of (UNC, local, global). This integration happens through engaged, active learning whereby students are given tools, support, and opportunities to pursue change that is self-driven and socially informed. We recognize that in order for students to participate in and meaningfully contribute to modern society, they need to be well-versed in critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and collective collaboration; and this holds across disciplines and majors.

Group of Leadership Minor faculty and students

Leadership Studies Minor

The Leadership Studies minor curriculum fosters leadership development through both theory and experiential learning. We offer an innovative, intellectually rigorous curriculum designed to address multiple facets of what it means to be a leader.

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News and Announcements

Leadership Studies honorees

Students Recognized at 2019 Honors Convocation

Leadership Studies students Bridget Cavuoti, Yaneli Morales, and Tammy Ortiz were recognized on April 14th for excellence in their program at the annual College of Humanities and Social Sciences Honors Convocation. Congratulations! View the event program. See all the event photos.

Other Leadership and Honors Programs

At UNC we support the enrichment of students experiences through our Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership as well as an Honors Program for undergradute students enrolled at UNC. 

Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership 

The Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership is offers seven university programs that bring together students who are motivated to make the most out of their time at UNC. 

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Honors Programs

The University Honors Programs are designed to enhance outstanding students experience at UNC by bringing together a community with peers who also think critically and want to become involved in research opportunities. 

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