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Supervision Fee                          

(Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025)

  • Education and Behavioral Sciences
    Course Prefix Description Fee
    APCE614 Internship in School Counseling and Guidance 19.00
    APCE691 Internship in Clinical Counseling: Couples and Family Therapy 19.00
    APCE692 Internship in Clinical Counseling 19.00
    ECLD401 CLD Practicum 80.00
    ECLD501 World Language Practicum 50.00
    EDEC262 ECE Practicum Field Experience I 30.00
    EDEC462 ECE Practicum Field Experience II 30.00
    EDEC490 Early Childhood Student Teaching 150.00
    EDEL454 Student Teaching 150.00
    EDEL457 Social Studies/Literacy Practicum 50.00
    EDEL459 Mathematics/Science Practicum 50.00
    EDEL544 Elementary Student Teaching 150.00
    EDEL602 Elementary School Practicum 50.00
    EDFE270 Field Based Experience 30.00
    EDFE370 Advanced Field Based Exp 50.00
    EDFE444 Supervised Student Teaching 150.00
    EDFE550 Practicum in Secondary Schools 50.00
    EDFE555 Supervised Student Teaching 150.00
    EDFE556 Student Teaching in Secondary Schools 150.00
    EDSE328 Field Experience in Special Education: Elementary 49.00
    EDSE329 Field Experience in Special Education: Secondary 49.00
    EDSE438 Student Teaching in Early Childhood Special Education 150.00
    EDSE444 Supervised Teaching in Special Education 150.00
    EDSE537 Practicum in EC/ESCE: Infants and Toddlers 50.00
    EDSE538 Practicum in EC/ESCE: 3-5 Years 50.00
    EDSE539 Practicum in EC/ESCE: 5-8 Years 50.00
    EDSE691 Practicum in Teaching Gifted Learners 50.00
    EDSE693 Practicum in Special Education 49.00
    EDSE730 Externship in Exceptionalities 49.00
    SPSY789 Internship in School Psychology 19.00
    STEP161 Observation and Analysis of Secondary Teaching I 15.00
    STEP262 Observation and Analysis of Secondary Teaching II 15.00
    STEP363 Clinical Experience: Secondary 15.00
    STEP464 Secondary Student Teaching 150.00
    TASL594 Practicum for Teaching ASL II 250.00
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
    Course Prefix Description Fee
    GEOG391 Western Colorado Rivers 30.00
  • Natural and Health Sciences
    Course Prefix Description Fee
    ESCI491 Geoscience Field Issues 50.00
    ESCI591 Geoscience Field Issues 50.00
    NURS Nursing Clinicals  
    NURS323 Clinical Practice: Fundamental Nursing Concepts and Care 24.00
    NURS374 Clinical Practice: Alterations in Adult Health 24.00
    NURS404 Clinical Practice of Public Health Nursing: Population-Based Practice 24.00
    NURS414 Clinical Practice: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 24.00
    NURS420 Clinical Practice: Child Bearing Families 24.00
    NURS421 Clinical Practice: Pediatric Nursing 24.00
    NURS444 Clinical Practice: Advanced Acute Care 24.00
    NURS446 Clinical Practice: Capstone 24.00
    NURS470 Clinical Practice: Professionalism in Practice 25.00
    NURS621 Management of Clinical Outcomes 46.00
    NURS626 Management of Care Environment 46.00
    NURS631 Teaching Strategies for Practice and Academic Settings 46.00
    NURS663 Emergency Procedures & Lab I 24.00
    NURS664 FNP Clinical I 65.00
    NURS669 FNP Clinical III 46.00 per credit hour
    NURS672 Emergency Procedures and Lab II 24.00
    NURS673 ENP Clinical II 65.00
    NURS675 FNP Clinical I 65.00
    NURS677  FNP Clinical II 65.00
    NURS682 AGACNP Practicum I 24.00
    NURS683 AGACNP Practicum II 24.00
    NURS684 AGACNP Acute Care Skills 24.00
    NURS686 AGACNP Practicum III 24.00
    NURS689  FNP Clinical Synthesis 65.00
    NURS692 ENP Clinical Synthesis 65.00
    NURS693 AGACNP Synthesis Practicum 24.00
    SES440 Dev Ped Skills in Elem Physical Education 15.00
    SES442 Dev Ped Skills in Secondary Physical Education 50.00