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Assessment Fees                      

(Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025)

  • Education and Behavioral Sciences

    Course Prefix Description Fee
      Teacher Preparation Assessment Fee 200.00
    APCE616 Career Theory, Counseling and Assessment 15.00
    APCE673 Appraisal and Assessment in Counseling 15.00
    APCE674 Assessment for Intervention: Cognitive and Academic 100.00
    APCE678 Assessment for Intervention: Personality and Behavior 100.00
    APCE782 Introduction to Rorschach Administration and Scoring 26.00
    APCE793 Practicum in Clinic Administration and Service Delivery 25.00
    EDSE320 Assessment in Special Education 39.00
    EDSE321 Advanced Assessment in Special Education 39.00
    EDSE326 Behavioral Dimensions of Students with Exceptionalities II 39.00
    EDSE442 Language and Literacy for Students with Severe Delays 39.00
    EDSE443 Support Systems in Special Education 39.00
    EDSE613 Applied Assessment 39.00
    SPSY644 Assessment I: Cognitive and Academic Functioning 125.00
    SPSY646 Assessment II: Socio-Emotional and Behavioral Functioning 125.00
    SPSY647 Assessment and Intervention for Social and Emotional Problems in Children and Adults 125.00
    UNIV101 Foundations for Learning and Development 15.00
  • Natural and Health Sciences

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    SON SON Learning Resource Center  
    NURS313 Health Assessment Theory and Laboratory 36.00
    NURS323 Theory and Clinical Practice: Fundamental Nursing Concepts and Care 36.00
    NURS374 Clinical Practice: Alterations in Adult Health 36.00
    NURS404 Clinical Practice of Public Health Nursing: Population-Based Practice 36.00
    NURS414 Clinical Practice: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 36.00
    NURS420 Clinical Practice: Childbearing Families 36.00
    NURS421 Clinical Practice: Pediatric Nursing 36.00
    NURS446 Clinical Practice: Capstone 36.00
    NURS613 Advanced Health Assessment 36.00
    NURS654 Acute Care of Adults 36.00
    NURS656 Care of Chronic Illness in Adults 36.00
    NURS663 Emergency Procedures & Lab 1 36.00
    NURS672 Emergency Procedures & Lab 2 36.00
    NURS674 Care of Women and Pediatric Populations 36.00
  • Monfort College of Business

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    RTH444 Experience Industry Issues and Trends 9.99