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Course Fees                      

(Fall 2024/Spring 2025/Summer 2025)

  • Education and Behavioral Sciences

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    APCE612 Practicum in Individual Counseling 25.00
    APCE617 Play Therapy: Theory and Practicum 25.00
    APCE694 Practicum in Couples and Family Therapy 25.00
    APCE702 Practicum in Counseling 25.00
    APCE712 Advanced Practicum in Individual Counseling 25.00
    APCE762 Practicum in Group Facilitation 25.00
    ASL101 American Sign Language I 75.00
    ASL102 American Sign Language II 75.00
    ASL201 American Sign Language III 75.00
    ASL202 American Sign Language IV 75.00
    ASL210 ASL for Professionals I 25.00
    ASL212 ASL for Professionals II 25.00
    INTR101 American Sign Language V 75.00
    INTR102 American Sign Language VI 75.00
    INTR112 Theory & Practice of Interpreting 20.00
    INTR245 Interpreting Skills & Theory I 50.00
    INTR345 Interpreting Skills & Theory II 50.00
    INTR355 Interpreting Skills & Theory III 50.00
    INTR440 Interpreting in Community Settings 20.00
    INTR445 Interpreting Skills & Theory IV 100.00
    PSY481 Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience 17.00
    SPSY618 Practicum in Child, Adolescent, and Family Interventions 25.00
  • Humanities and Social Sciences

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    ANT120 World Archaeology 25.00
    ANT130 Intro to Biological Anthropology 25.00
    ANT130L Intro to Biology Anthropology Lab 25.00
    ANT320 Archaeology Research Methods 65.00
    ANT330 Forensic Anthropology 65.00
    ANT408 Workshop in Anthropology $0-$1,000 variable
    ANT430 Human Evolutionary Anatomy 50.00
    ANT470 Human Evolutionary Anatomy 50.00
    ENST178 Food Preparation and Preservation Techniques 35.00
    FILM230 Introduction to Filmmaking 20.00
    FILM350 Advanced Filmmaking 20.00
    GEOG111 Introduction to Field Techniques 200-700 (varies per semester)
    GEOG185 Introduction to Drones 30.00
    GEOG210 Intro to GIS and GPS 26.00
    GEOG285 Earth from Above 30.00
    GEOG302 Cartography 26.00
    GEOG307 Geographic Information Science 26.00
    GEOG327 Fundamentals of Geospatial Programming 26.00
    GEOG412 Web Mapping 26.00
    GEOG449 Remote Sensing of the Environment 26.00
    GEOG485 Advanced Geographic Techniques: Topics 26.00
    GEOG495 Senior Seminar 26.00
    JMS210 Media Writing 61.00
    JMS212 Visual Journalism 61.00
    JMS310 News Reporting and Writing 61.00
    JMS312 Digital Storytelling 61.00
    JMS342 Video Production 84.00
    JMS350 News Editing 61.00
    JMS387 Advertising Copywriting 61.00
    JMS410 Advanced News 61.00
    JMS415 Social Media Campaigns 60.00
    JMS416 Documentary Production 61.00
    JMS450 News Production 84.00
    JMS495 Special Topics 84.00
    SOC400 Senior Seminar 30.00
  • Natural and Health Sciences

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    AST100 The Sky and Planets 17.00
    AST101 Stars and Galaxies 17.00
    AST301 Classical Astronomy and the Solar System 17.00
    AST302 Stars and the Milky Way 17.00
    AST310 Techniques in Observational Astronomy 40.00
    AT510 Techniques in Athletic Training I 25.00
    AT511 Techniques in Athletic Training II 25.00
    AT593 Clinical Practicum in Athletic Training I 90.00
    BIO105 Exploring Biology Lab 54.00
    BIO110 Biology: Atoms to Cells 47.00
    BIO111 Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems 42.00
    BIO220 Genetics 66.00
    BIO245 Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology 48.00
    BIO246 Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 73.00
    BIO251 Allied Health Microbiology 75.00
    BIO330 Plant Systematics 41.00
    BIO334 Mammalogy 41.00
    BIO337 Morphogenesis of Algae and Fungi 42.00
    BIO341 Human Anatomy 48.00
    BIO350 Human Physiology 73.00
    BIO351 Microbiology 75.00
    BIO354 General Plant Physiology 75.00
    BIO360 Ecology 42.00
    BIO363 Principles of Animal Behavior Laboratory 40.00
    BIO365 Advanced Life Science Concepts 30.00
    BIO411 Field Techniques in Biology 40.00
    BIO427 Economic Botany 20.00
    BIO438 Ornithology 41.00
    BIO442 Molecular and Cellular Laboratory 150.00
    BIO511 Field Techniques in Biology 40.00
    BIO527 Economic Botany 20.00
    BIO530 Plant Systematics 41.00
    BIO534 Mammalogy 41.00
    BIO537 Morphogenesis of Algae and Fungi 42.00
    BIO539L Molecular Ecology Lab 195.00
    BIO541 Advanced Human Anatomy 48.00
    BIO542 Molecular and Cellular Biology 150.00
    BIO549 Virology Laboratory 75.00
    BIO554 General Plant Physiology 75.00
    BREW320 Sensory Analysis of Beer 50.00
    BREW470 Practical Brewing Science 200.00
    BREW479 Advanced Brewing Science 100.00
    BREW570 Practical Brewing Science 200.00
    BREW579 Advanced Brewing Laboratory Science 100.00
    CHEM102 Chemistry for Citizens Laboratory 16.00
    CHEM111L Principles of Chemistry I Laboratory 16.00
    CHEM112L Principles of Chemistry II Laboratory 16.00
    CHEM281L Fundamentals of Biochemistry Laboratory 16.00
    CHEM321 Chemical Analysis 85.00
    CHEM331L Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM332L Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM381L Principles of Biochemistry Lab 85.00
    CHEM421 Instrumental Analysis 85.00
    CHEM425 Forensic Chemistry 85.00
    CHEM443 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM450L Survey of Physical Chemistry Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM451L Physical Chemistry I Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM452L Physical Chemistry II Laboratory 85.00
    CHEM481L Experimental Biochemistry I 85.00
    CHEM482L Experimental Biochemistry II 85.00
    CHEM525 Forensic Chemistry 85.00
    CSD220 Musical Acoustics and Health Issues 34.00
    CSD343 Fundamentals of Physiological and Biological Acoustics 10.00
    CSD469 Clinical Processes in Speech‐Language Pathology 10.00
    CSD567 Diagnostic Procedures: Introduction 31.00
    CSD568 Diagnostic Procedures: Intermediate 31.00
    CSD569 Advanced Diagnostic Procedures 31.00
    CSD571 Speech and Hearing Science 44.00
    CSD574 Clinical Practicum in Audiology 47.00 per credit hour
    CSD580 Practicum in Rehabilitative Audiology 25.00
    CSD583 Clinical Practicum: Introduction 25.00
    CSD585 Clinical Practicum in Speech‐Language Pathology 25.00
    CSD586 Clinical Practicum in Speech‐Language Pathology 36.00
    CSD588 Clinical Practicum in Speech‐Language Pathology 41.00
    CSD594 Practicum and Advanced Topics in Audiology 180.00 per credit hour
    CSD656 Feeding and Swallowing Disorders: Lifespan 25.00
    CSD741 Hearing Loss Prevention 233.00
    CSD744 Vestibular Assessment & Management 142.00
    CSD775 AD Electro-diagnosis 540.00
    ESCI200 Introduction to Environmental Earth Science 31.00
    ESCI320 Earth Materials 40.00
    ESCI365 Advanced Earth Science Concepts for Elementary Teachers 12.00
    ESCI472 Industrial Safety 60.00
    ESCI572 Industrial Safety 60.00
    FND310L Introduction to Foods Laboratory 65.00
    FND320L Nutrition Applications in Foodservice Laboratory 30.00
    FND430L Nutrition Assessment and Intervention Laboratory 65.00
    FND431L Medical Nutrition Intervention Laboratory 10.00
    FND446L Foodservice Systems Management Laboratory 30.00
    GEOL100 General Geology 35.00
    GEOL201 Physical Geology 40.00
    GEOL202 Historical Geology 5.00
    GEOL320 Mineralogy 50.00
    GEOL421 Ig and Met Petrology 40.00
    GEOL481 Geologic Field Techniques 45.00
    MATH181 Fundamentals of Mathematics I: Number and Operations 5.00
    MATH182 Fundamentals of Mathematics II: Algebra, Probability and Data Analysis 5.00
    MATH283 Fundamental Mathematics III: Geometry and Measurement 5.00
    MET205 General Meteorology 5.00
    NURS313 Health Assessment Theory and Laboratory 37.00
    NURS323 Theory and Clinical Practice: Fundamental Nursing Concepts and Care 37.00
    NURS374 Clinical Practice: Alterations in Adult Health 37.00
    NURS404 Clinical Practice of Public Health Nursing: Population-Based Practice 37.00
    NURS414 Clinical Practice: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 37.00
    NURS420 Clinical Practice: Childbearing Families 37.00
    NURS421 Clinical Practice: Pediatric Nursing 37.00
    NURS444 Clinical Practice: Advanced Acute Care 37.00
    NURS613 Advanced Health Assessment 125.00
    NURS654 Acute Care of Adults 175.00
    NURS656 Care of Chronic Illness in Adults 125.00
    NURS663 Emergency Procedures & Lab I 450.00
    NURS672 Emergency Procedures and Lab II 450.00
    NURS674 Care of Women and Pediatric Populations 125.00
    NURS684 AGACNP Acute Care Skills 37.00
    OCN200 General Oceanography 5.00
    PHYS220 Introductory Physics I 18.00
    PHYS221 Introductory Physics II 20.00
    PHYS240 General Physics I 18.00
    PHYS241 General Physics II 20.00
    SCED475 Teaching Science in the Elementary School 63.00
    SCED570 Teaching Science in the Elementary School 60.00
    SCI265 Physical Science Concepts 9.00
    SCI266 Earth and Life Science 60.00
    SCI365 Advanced Physical Science Concepts 20.00
  • Performing and Visual Arts

    Course Prefix Description Fee
    ART134 Intro to Drawing 60.00
    ART171 Intro to Visual Communication 60.00
    ART180 Contemporary Art HIstory 35.00
    ART183 2D Design 60.00
    ART184 3D Design 60.00
    ART210 Introduction to Ceramics 60.00
    ART221 Fiber Design I 60.00
    ART224 Research and Writing in the Visual Arts 35.00
    ART231 Painting I 60.00
    ART233 Life Drawing 60.00
    ART234 Drawing I 60.00
    ART237 Introduction to Digital Media 60.00
    ART248 Introduction to Art Education/Art for the Exceptional Child 35.00
    ART250 Introduction to Printmaking 60.00
    ART261 Introduction to Sculpture 60.00
    ART265 Metalsmithing 60.00
    ART268 Introduction to Game Design 60.00
    ART269 Introduction to Web Design 60.00
    ART270 Graphic Design 60.00
    ART271 Introduction to Photography 60.00
    ART275 Introduction to Motion Graphics 60.00
    ART276  Introduction to Page Layout  60.00
    ART277 Introduction to Raster-Graphics 60.00
    ART278 Introduction to Vector-Graphics 60.00
    ART279 Introduction to Video 60.00
    ART301 The Working Artist: Preparation 35.00
    ART308 Workshop in Art 20.00 per credit hour
    ART314 Wheel Throwing 60.00
    ART315 Ceramic Design 60.00
    ART331 Painting II 60.00
    ART333 Life Drawing 60.00
    ART334 Drawing II 60.00
    ART338 Digital Illustration and Storytelling 60.00
    ART340 Foundations of Art Education 35.00
    ART342 Curriculum and Instruction in Art: Studeio Strategies 35.00
    ART345 Clinical Experiences I: K-12 Art 35.00
    ART 350 Screen Printing 60.00
    ART353 Intaglio Printmaking 60.00
    ART356 Monotypes 60.00
    ART358 Relief Printmaking 60.00
    ART362 Sculpture: Casting 120.00
    ART363 Sculpture: Fabrication 60.00
    ART367 Intro to Digital Fabrication 60.00
    ART368 Game Design II 60.00
    ART369 Game Design III 60.00
    ART370 Graphic Design II 60.00
    ART374 Photography: Black & White Film 60.00
    ART375 Photography: Digital Capture 60.00
    ART376 Typography 60.00
    ART377 Photography: Studio Lighting 60.00
    ART378 Photography: Alternative Processes 60.00
    ART379 Video Production for Film 60.00
    ART384 Emerging Technologies 60.00
    ART397 Animation Principles and Techniques 60.00
    ART401 The Working Artist Practicum 35.00
    ART410 Advanced Ceramics 60.00
    ART415 Ceramic Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART422 Directed Studies in Art 20.00 per credit hour
    ART426 Introduction to Museum Studies 35.00
    ART428 Museum Leadership 35.00
    ART431 Painting III 60.00
    ART432 Advanced Painting 60.00
    ART433 Advanced Drawing 60.00
    ART435 Drawing Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART436 Painting Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART437 Computer Art 60.00
    ART439 Computer Graphics Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART440 Foundations of Art Education 35.00
    ART441 Cultural Studies in the K-12 Curriculum 35.00
    ART442 Curriculum and Instruction in Art: Studio Strategies 35.00
    ART444 Methods of Teaching Art in the Elementary School 20.00
    ART445 Clinical Experiences II: K-12 Art 35.00
    ART447 Multimedia in the Arts-Methods and Materials 60.00
    ART449 Current Issues in Art 35.00
    ART452 Advanced Printmaking 60.00
    ART455 Printmaking Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART460  Sculpture Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART462 Advanced Sculpture 60.00
    ART464 Jewelry Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART465 Advanced Metalsmithing 60.00
    ART467 Advanced Digital Fabrication 60.00
    ART468 Game Design IV 60.00
    ART469 Interactive Design 60.00
    ART470 Narrative Design 60.00
    ART471 Computer Graphics 60.00
    ART472 Photography Studio 20.00 per credit hour
    ART473 Brand Identity Design 60.00
    ART474 Graphic Studio  20.00 per credit hour
    ART476 Advanced Black and White Photography 60.00
    ART479 Senior Project 20.00 per credit hour
    ART480 Advanced Image Making 60.00
    ART481 Advanced Photography 60.00
    ART482 Arts of Indigenous People 35.00
    ART483 Gender and Art 35.00
    ART484 Asian Art History 35.00
    ART485 Design HIstory 35.00
    ART486 Renaissance Art 35.00
    ART487 Latin American Art 35.00
    ART488 Art of the Nineteenth Century 35.00
    ART492 Internship in Art 20.00 per credit hour
    ART493 Museum Studies Practicum 35.00
    ART495 Topics in Art 35.00
    ART496 Art of the Twentieth Century 35.00
    ART508 Workshop in Art 60.00
    ART525 Graduate Studio Practice 60.00
    ART539 Computer Graphics Studio 60.00
    ART547 Multimedia in Arts Studio 60.00
    ART549 Current Issues in Art 35.00
    ART590 Studio Concepts and Application 60.00
    ART615 Ceramic Studio 60.00
    ART622 Directed Studies in Art 60.00
    ART635 Drawing Studio 60.00
    ART636 Painting Studio 60.00
    ART655 Printmaking Studio 60.00
    ART660 Sculpture Studio 60.00
    ART672 Photography Studio 60.00
    ART675 Integrated Media Arts Studio 60.00
    ART690 Research Capstone 35.00
    CSD564 Audiology Clinical Simulation 60.00
    DNCE166 Ballet I 40.00
    DNCE170 Jazz Dance I 40.00
    DNCE175 Tap Dance I 40.00
    DNCE180 Ballet II 60.00
    DNCE181 Jazz Dance II 60.00
    DNCE183 Tap Dance II 40.00
    MT160 Class Piano for Musical Theatre 40.00
    MT250 Voice Class for Musical Theatre I 20.00
    MT251 Voice Class for Musical Theatre II 20.00
    MT275 Musical Theatre Song Analysis I 20.00
    MT276 Musical Theatre Song Analysis II 20.00
    MT285 Performance in Musical Theatre 20.00 per credit hour
    MT350 Voice Class for Musical Theatre II 20.00
    MT351 Advanced Musical Theatre Voice Class II 20.00
    MT370 Musical Theatre Dance 40.00
    MT375 Musical Theatre Song Analysis III 20.00
    MT465 Musical Theatre Workshop 60.00
    MT470 Senior Project in Musical Theatre 60.00
    MUS104 Foundations of Music Theory 60.00
    MUS113 Music Theory I 40.00
    MUS114 Aural Skills and Sight Singing I 40.00
    MUS115 Music Theory II 40.00
    MUS116 Aural Skills and Sight Singing II 40.00
    MUS160 Class Piano I 20.00
    MUS161 Class Piano II 20.00
    MUS209 Introduction to Music Technology 40.00
    MUS210 Introduction to Music Education 20.00
    MUS211 Careers in Music 20.00
    MUS213 Music Theory III 40.00
    MUS214 Aural Skills and Sight Singing III 20.00
    MUS215 Music Theory IV 40.00
    MUS216 Aural Skills and Sight Singing IV 20.00
    MUS218 Jazz Theory 40.00
    MUS220 Jazz Guitar Ensemble 20.00
    MUS221 Small Jazz Ensembles 20.00
    MUS224 Vocal Jazz Ensembles 20.00
    MUS225 Jazz Ensemble 20.00
    MUS228 UNC Early Music Ensemble 20.00
    MUS229 UNC Contemporary Music Ensemble 20.00
    MUS230 Small Ensembles and Chamber Music 20.00
    MUS251 Survey of the Music Business 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS253 UNC Alternative Styles Ensemble 20.00
    MUS260 Class Piano III 20.00
    MUS261 Class Piano IV 20.00
    MUS262 Class Jazz Piano 20.00
    MUS266 Chamber Choir 20.00
    MUS267 University Symphony Orchestra 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS268 UNC Campus String Orchestra 20.00
    MUS251 Survey of the Music Business 20.00
    MUS270 Individual Instruction in Voice 300.00
    MUS273 Individual Instruction in Strings 300.00
    MUS274 Individual Instruction in Woodwinds 300.00
    MUS275 Individual Instruction in Brass 300.00
    MUS276 Individual Instruction in Percussion 150.00
    MUS278 Individual Instruction in Harp or Guitar 150.00
    MUS280 Mixed Concert Choir 20.00
    MUS281 Women's Glee Club 20.00
    MUS282 University Singers 20.00
    MUS284 Men's Glee Club 20.00
    MUS285 Performance in Opera Theatre 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS286 Scene Studies in Opera 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS288 Concert Band 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS290 Symphonic Band 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS291 Wind Ensemble 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS292 Marching Band 20.00
    MUS301 18th Century Counterpoint 60.00
    MUS302 Form and Analysis 60.00
    MUS303 Instrumentation 40.00
    MUS305 Music Methods for Elementary Teachers 20.00
    MUS310 Teaching General Music for Elementary Schools 40.00
    MUS312 Teaching Instrumental Music in Elementary Schools 40.00
    MUS313 Digital Composition 40.00
    MUS314 Guitar in the Classroom 20.00
    MUS315 General Music Pedagogy II 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS319 Instrumental Techniques and Conducting 20.00
    MUS320 Wind Literature, Pedagogy and Conducting 40.00
    MUS323 Choral Techniques and Conducting 40.00
    MUS324 Choral Conducting and Pedagogy for Elementary and Secondary Schools 40.00
    MUS325 Choral Methods and Literature for Elementary and Secondary Schools 20.00
    MUS329 Stage Techniques for Singers 40.00
    MUS330 String Techniques 20.00
    MUS331 String Pedagogy and Literature for the Instrumental Music Teacher 40.00
    MUS342 Jazz Rhythm Section Workshop 20.00
    MUS343 Recording Techniques 75.00
    MUS345 Vocal Jazz Arranging 40.00
    MUS346 Arranging 40.00
    MUS347 Advanced Arranging 40.00
    MUS354 Advanced Recording Techniques 75.00
    MUS356 Marching Band Techniques 20.00
    MUS357 Ensemble Participation 20.00
    MUS360 Voice Class 20.00
    MUS361 Single Reed and Flute Class 20.00
    MUS362 Double Reed Class 20.00
    MUS365 Percussion Techniques 20.00
    MUS366 Woodwind Class 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS368 Brass Techniques I 20.00
    MUS369 Brass Techniques II 20.00
    MUS370 Brass Class 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS401 Music Theory Review 40.00
    MUS402 Aural Skills Review 20.00
    MUS403 Acoustics of Music 40.00
    MUS404 Jazz Methods and Materials 40.00
    MUS405 Music Production 40.00
    MUS410 Vocal Pedagogy 40.00
    MUS413 Teaching Contemporary and Culturally Responsive Music in Schools 20.00
    MUS414 Transitional Capstone Course in Music Education 40.00
    MUS420 Jazz Guitar Ensemble 20.00
    MUS421 Small Jazz Ensembles 20.00
    MUS423 Body Mapping 20.00
    MUS424 Vocal Jazz Ensembles 20.00
    MUS425 Jazz Ensemble 20.00
    MUS429 UNC Contemporary Music Ensemble 20.00
    MUS430 Small Ensembles and Chamber Music 20.00
    MUS435 Music Business-Industry Studies 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS437 Music Business for the 21st Century Musiciain 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS439 Music Styles in Film 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS448 UNC Early Music Ensembles 20.00
    MUS453 UNC Alternatives Styles Ensembles 20.00
    MUS460 Survey of the Music Business 40.00
    MUS462 Mixing Styles: Concepts and Techniques 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS466 Chamber Choir 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS467 University Symphony Orchestra 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS468 UNC Campus String Orchestra 20.00
    MUS470 Individual Instruction in Voice 360.00
    MUS473 Individual Instruction in Strings 360.00
    MUS474 Individual Instruction in Woodwinds 360.00
    MUS475 Individual Instruction in Brass 360.00
    MUS476 Individual Instruction in Percussion 150.00
    MUS478 Individual Instruction in Harp or Guitar 150.00
    MUS480 Mixed Concert Choir 20.00
    MUS481 Women's Glee Club 20.00
    MUS482 University Singers 20.00
    MUS484 Men's Glee Club 20.00
    MUS485 Performance in Opera Theatre 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS486 Scene Studies in Opera 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS488 Concert Band 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS490 Symphonic Band 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS491 Wind Ensemble 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS492 Marching Band 20.00
    MUS520 Music Theory for Educators 40.00
    MUS523 Body Mapping 20.00
    MUS535 Music Business Industry Studies 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS537 Music Business for the 21st Century Musician 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS546 Arranging 40.00
    MUS556 Recording Techniques 75.00
    MUS557 Ensemble Participation 20.00
    MUS563 Advanced Recording Techniques 75.00
    MUS619 Latin Music Ensemble 20.00 per credit hour
    MUS629 UNC Contemporary Music Ensemble 20.00
    MUS655 Health in Piano Playing and Teaching 60.00
    MUS659 College Piano Teaching 60.00
    MUS668 UNC Campus String Orchestra 20.00
    MUS670 Individual Instruction in Voice 420.00
    MUS673 Individual Instruction in Strings 420.00
    MUS674 Individual Instruction in Woodwinds 420.00
    MUS675 Individual Instruction in Brass 420.00
    MUS676  Individual Instruction in Percussion 150.00
    MUS678 Individual Instruction in Harp or Guitar 150.00
    PVA499 PVA Capstone/Special Project 20.00 per credit hour
    THEA100 Individual Performance in Theatre 40.00
    THEA110 Performance in a Theatrical Production 40.00
    THEA135 Play Script Analysis 60.00
    THEA149 Orientation to Technology 60.00
    THEA158 Acting I 60.00
    THEA170 Acting II 60.00
    THEA191 Beginning Voice and Speech 20.00 per credit hour
    THEA194 Intermediate Voice and Speech 20.00 per credit hour
    THEA210 Drafting for the Theatre 60.00
    THEA215 Beginning Scene Design 60.00
    THEA220 Beginning Costume Design 60.00
    THEA222 Costume Technology I 60.00
    THEA230 Beginning Lighting Design 60.00
    THEA232 Lighting Technology 60.00
    THEA245 Beginning Sound Design 60.00
    THEA246 Sound Technology 60.00
    THEA249 Scenic Technology 60.00
    THEA250 Stage Make Up I 40.00
    THEA270 Acting III 60.00
    THEA264 Theatre for Young Audiences Tour 60.00
    THEA275 Stage Movement I 40.00
    THEA276 Stage Movement II 40.00
    THEA311 Beginning Scene Painting 60.00
    THEA315 Advanced Scene Design 60.00
    THEA320 Advanced Costume Design 60.00
    THEA332 Advanced Lighting Design 60.00
    THEA334 Media Design & Technology 60.00
    THEA336 Advanced Voice and Speech 20.00 per credit hour
    THEA375 Stage Management for the Theatre 60.00
    THEA376 Stage Movement III 20.00 per credit hour
    THEA380 Design fundamentals for Secondary Education 60.00
    THEA440 Directing the One-Act Play 60.00
    THEA449 Theatre Technical Seminar 60.00
    THEA450 Design and Technology Practicum 60.00
    THEA464 Audition Techniques 60.00