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UNC Men's Club Lacrosse

Create a learning environment to enrich lacrosse players, new and old, to the game of lacrosse on a competitive level paralleling the N.C.A.A. While honing in on skills to becoming an all-around better athlete in the sport of lacrosse is a primary focus, fostering attitudes towards becoming a member of a lasting lacrosse family is paramount. In becoming a part of the U.N.C. lacrosse family; individuals will carry lessons gained on the field into their everyday lives. These skills include, but are not limited to: becoming an effective communicator, work ethic development, and conjuring a heartfelt sincerity to the society in which an individual operates. Men's Lacrosse competes in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Conference's Northwest Division against Utah State, Montana State & Wyoming. 

Men's Lacrosse Team

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Practice Schedule

Practice Information:
Starting 8/21
Monday 5-6:30pm Grass Field #4
Wednesday 5-6:30pm Grass Field #4

Instagram: uncomenslax
Facebook: UNCO Men’s Lacrosse

Contact Us

Jake Owens - President

Carson Woodhouse - Vice President

Robert Craft - Treasurer

Brad Rotherham - Secretary

Men's Lacrosse Game Schedule 



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