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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Why become an Recognized Student Organization?

  • Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) may request financial assistance to host events.
  • RSOs may request a mailbox in the Office of Student Life area.
  • RSO can use most University buildings, facilities, and services at a discounted rate or free of charge.
  • RSOs get free graphic design service for posters and flyers.
  • RSOs may advertise club events via the Student Organizations listserv.
  • RSOs can get a UNC hosted website and e-mail address.

For a full listing of RSO privileges and expectations, please review the RSO Manual

Renew for 2021-2022

It's that time of year again! The Office of Student Organizations is now accepting "RSO Renewal Applications" for the 2020-2021 school year.

Renewal Process Changes:

  • Guiding Document or Constitutions
    • All Guiding Documents/Constitution should be submitted in the OSO template, unless your Guiding Documents/Constitution is associated with a national or international organization. 

RSO Guiding Document/Constitution Template

Guiding Document/Constitution Guide

(Why? Our office reads 160+ guiding documents each year and the intention of this template is to help us be more efficient and have a faster turn-around for RSO Recognition)

  • Rosters
    • The Office of Student Organizations requires a roster of your members and officer, please be prepared to upload those documents too!

Registration Flowchart

Click on image to download

RSO Registration flowchart

Getting Started

To start a new RSO, you'll need to create a Guiding Document or Constitution for your group and fill out an RSO application. On the application, you will be asked to provide:

  • Current club Guiding Document or Constitution (electronic copy)
  • Names and contact information of officers
  • Designate three officers to approve financial transactions
  • Name and contact information for advisor
  • A short description of the group (50 words or fewer) 
  • Meeting information (day, time, and location.

To get started, check out the RSO Guiding Documents/Constitution Guide which outlines all the requirements for RSO Guiding Documents/Constitutions. Once you're ready to write your constitution, use our Guiding Document/Constitution Template for a pre-formatted, "fill in the blanks" document. 

Our staff are also happy to help you with your Guiding Documents! Send us a message to set up an appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I submitted an RSO application, but I do not see my group on the approved list, why?

    Submitting an application does not guarantee your group will be approved. If you application was not approved our staff members will contact you explaining why. Check you UNC email regularly to ensure you do not miss important communications from our office.

  • What are the rules for RSOs?

    RSOs are required to follow all UNC policies, federal, state, and local laws. Please review the RSO Manual for a full listing of RSO privileges and expecations. 

  • What are the training requirements for RSOs?

    Three officers from each RSO are required to complete an online training through Canvas each year. The training takes about one hour to complete. Once your group is approved as an RSO, each officer that is required to take the training will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions. 

    Regular club members and advisors are not required to take this training, but are welcome do so if they'd like! To enroll in training, send a message to studentorgs@unco.edu

  • What is a constitution? 

    A constitution is a guiding document that describes the purpose of a group and it's operating procedures. RSOs are required to have constitutions so that RSO members and University staff know how the group operates. RSOs are expected to abide by their constitutions and may lose recognition if they do not. To start your consitution, check out this Constitution Template

  • Why do constitutions have to have "required language"?

    The required language outlined in the Constitution Guide ensures that RSO procedures align with UNC policies and federal non-discrimination laws. Single-gender organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, may request an exemption from the required language if they are able to document compliance with federal policies. 

  • We elected new officers, what should we do next?

    Anytime you leadership changes, notify the Office of Student Organizations immediately via email. Include the names, Bearmail addresses, and titles for new leaders so the OSO can update it's records. 

  • Our advisor left UNC or is unable to serve, what should we do?

    Contact the Office of Student Organizations to let them know. As soon as possible, start looking for a new advisor. You may want to start by asking faculty and staff members you know well to serve as your new advisor. 

  • Do we have to become an RSO to meet on campus?

    No. UNC welcomes all student organizations and community groups. If your group is not an RSO, you are still eligible to recruit and meet on campus, however you will not get free room rentals.