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2021 Research Day Posters

Poster presentations are accessible via links below.

You will find the posters submitted by the 2021 Research Day presenters below, by category and then alphabetized by the last name of the primary presenter.  If you do not know the primary presenter on a presentation with multiple presenters, you can find it in the Research Day Listing of Abstracts

Natural & Health Sciences Posters

Faculty Posters

Withrow, Nicole; Katie Kage
830  An innovative way to facilitate learning for students through three clinical simulations on malnutrition

Taylor, Christina; Jennifer Parrish;  David Slykhuis
847  Using Mark Out Poetry to Explore Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Computational Thinking: A Pilot In Progress

Taylor, Christina
848  Modeling Care Theory and Contemplative Equity-based Practices in Online Teaching Which Support Social and Emotional Connections With Undergraduates

Graduate Student Posters

Bennett, Tyler
884  Systemic Mycorrhiza-Induced Resistance in Blackeyed Pea

Bishop, Jessica
807  Current Perceptions of Practicing Audiologists Regarding Teleaudiology Education and Training

Hartson, Sara
722  Distortion product otoacoustic emissions in canines: Systematic changes in amplitude as a function of f2/f1 ratio

Hoenecke, Tavia
862  Aural Rehabilitation of Older Adults with or at risk for Cognitive Decline: Development of Recommendations and Supplemental Resources Based on Evidence from the Literature

Jones, Brandon
701  Creatine supplementation does not alter proliferation or Doxorubicin sensitivity of mammary carcinoma cells

Kisiolek, Jacob
857  Cannabidiol Alters Chemotherapy Drug Effectiveness in A Cell Culture Model

Silvas, Teresa
742  Perceived fatigue in non-obese and obese females during exercise and the implications for weight loss recommendations: A multiple-case study

Vinzant, Kolton; Bryson Kelly; Danielle Wong
835  Bears Connect to Move: A SDT-Based Intervention APP for Student Physical Activity and Health Needs.

Wong, Danielle
783  An Ethnographic Study Observing exercise Behaviors

Undergraduate Student Posters

Budke, Dawson
823  Effect on Hypo/hyper-methylation Rates on Genome Regions CDKN1A, BMAL1, NR1C3, and PNPLA3 with CBG Implementation Utilizing a Mice Model with MCD Diet to Induce NASH

Cochran, Quinn
796  Metacognitive prompting to foster evaluating skills for biochemistry students

Cone, Brexton
795  Cannabigerol Inhibits Cellular Senescence in Methionine-Choline Deficient Diet Induced Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Mice Model

Holm, Annika
858  Gold Nanoparticle synthesis in the presence

Jacobsen, Agathe
885  Mast Cell Infiltration of Cannabigerol Treated Methionine/Choline Deficient Diet Induced Mice NASH Model

Kurz, Katie; Arjun Ramani
806  Correlation between Lactate Accumulation and Subjective Measures of Fatigue in Active Cancer Patients

Leloup, Hannah; Elisabeth Kulesus
860  Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles in Novel Thioether-Functionalized Ionic Liquids

Mitchell, Sarah; Zach Gilbert
856  Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles with the Plant Secondary Metabolite Catechin

Myers, Griffin
891  Route planning and its applications for electric vehicles in Colorado

Noel, Hunter
887  HPLC Analysis of Illicit Drugs - Azithromycin and Amoxicillin of the flavonoid quercetin

Olds, Devon
839  Classification of Activity Patterns in Small Neural Networks in terms of Network Architecture

Rozada, Claire
784  The health aspects of CrossFit

Suppes, Ailaina; Nouf Aljobaily
827  Cannabigerol (CBG) Inhibits Fibrosis Induced by Methionine/Choline-Deficient (MCD) Diet in C57BL/6 Mice

Tesch, Taylor;  Ashley Snell
850  Cannabigerol Effects on Body and Liver Weights in Methionine- & Choline- Deficient Diet Induced NASH Mice Model

Humanities & Arts Posters

Faculty Posters

Bovaird-Abbo, Kristin
893  Gawain in the Greenwood: Chivalric Romance Meets Medieval Outlaw Traditions

Ryan, John
744  Spanish composition errors from a combined classroom of heritage (HL) and non-heritage (L2) learners: A comparative case study

Graduate Student Posters

Hunt, Holly
942 Is Standard English a Tool for Discrimination?

Kawola, Connor
926  Toni Morrison: Uplifting the Voices of a Generation

Timm, Brenna
825  Don't Judge a Book by the Cover: The Evolution and Development of Book Cover Design in Children's Literature

Undergraduate Student Posters

Bissonette, Maria
904  "From Hardcover to Paperback"

Bollig, Natalie
798  The Power of Familial Relationships in Melusine

Casiano, Alani
903  Melusine and the Fear of Disorder in Medieval European Society

Cox, Amy
922  Women in Medieval European Folklore: Romance tropes

Croft, Isabella
874  The Metaphor That is the Female Body

DeLuca, Francesca
864 An Exploration of Magic in The Saga of Hrolf Kraki

Esparza, Giovanni
852  “Jorgensen Enjoys Being Christine”: Christine Jorgensen’s Public Image and How It Shaped a Movement

Fritzler, Shaelyn
840  Euphoria and Spectrum of Gender and Sexuality

Garcia, Joaquin
906  The Modern Role-Playing Game's Relationship to the Medieval Welsh

Gonzales, Zachary
851  Medieval Transfigurations: Ruminations on Jean d’Arras’s Melusine and Liminal Humanity?

Gregg, McKenzie
870  Printing Process Errors

Guzman, Nicholas
868  Horses and Boars in Medieval Books

Harris,  Lucy
892 An Examination of a Posthumously Published Collection of Charles Dickens's Writings

Horras, Carson
899  Robin Hood: The Greenwood's Reaper

Hudiburgh, Braeden
863  The Sinister Side of Medieval European Scribes

Kaufmann, Angie
907  What's in a Font: the Hidden Secrets of Society in Fonts

King, Emily
921  14th Century Korean Book Printing

Konyha, Ciana
855  The Use of a Narrator in Medieval Literature, Spotlighting Melusine.

Lopez, Alison
901  Medieval Mermaids

Lopez, Ricel
816  El Dolor en la Cultura: Latinx Depression and Coping Mechanisms

Mburunyeme Yakorde, Eroline Daniela
817  Examining the Beliefs and Emotions of Men Who Purchase Sex

McDaniel, Ryan
764  The Narrative Rivalry of Richard the Lionheart and Sultan Saladin

McLaughlin, Sophie
872  A Paper Menagerie: The Symbolism of Medieval Bestiaries

Myers, Mya
905  How Class Could Influence One's Perception on Outlaws During the Medieval Period

Olsen, Cayley
844  The Evolution of Children's Literature

Olsen, Cayley
845  Women Outlaws in Medieval Welsh Literature

Poblano, Jasmine
812  Disrupting the Narrative: Chicana voices in MEChA on the University of Northern Colorado's Campus 1993-2000

Pyell-Campbell, Jennifer
876  The Authenticity of the Epic of Sundiata: Stopping the Single Story

Seely, Kris
902  Berserkers In Medieval Literature

Sneden, Emma
894  In Love With the Monster: Depictions of Physical Relations With the Monstrous in Medieval & Modern Texts

Suckow, Chloe
890  LGBTQ+ Medieval Literature

Vadakin, Patience
900  The Evolution of Global Pandemics and Partnership with Medieval Literature

Williams, Saraiah
896  Retribution and Freedom in The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Social Sciences, Education, Business Posters

Graduate Student Posters

Gee, Michelle
782  Influencers on the Choice of Nursing as a Career in Underrepresented Populations: An Integrative Review

Kohles, James
829  Greeley Housing Affordability

Razo, Jasmine
873  The Role of Counseling Psychologists in Ethical Social Justice and Advocacy

Ybarra, Julia; Jade Anderson, Sarah Karr
886  The Mediating Role of Self-Efficacy on the Math Anxiety-Performance Relationship

Undergraduate Student Posters

Anglo-Raymundo, Nicola
815  Culturally Relevant Literature in Secondary Schools: A Study in Usage and Limitations

Belcher, Danielle
838  The effects of Uniforms on Youths' Body Image in the Junior Lifeguard Program

Berumen Martinez, Yessica
836  Assessing Latinx Colorism and Skin Tone Dating Preferences in Adults

Carrillo, Karime
818  The Coverage of COVID-19 in Hispanic Newspapers in Colorado. 

Cordon, Isabella
813  Associations Between Childhood Maltreatment, Mental Health and Coping Skills During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Lopez Hernandez, Gisselle
810  Mental Trauma from the Migrant Journey: Mental Health Services Available to Migrants

Magasano, Dani
762  Comprehensive Evaluation and Assessment of First-Year Experience Honors Courses to Promote Holistic Learning

Martinez-Venegas, Isabel
880  Veterinarian Perceptions Regarding Preparedness for their Profession

Parsons, Chloe
819  Food insecurity in an Anthropogenic Age: An Analysis into how Consumer Demand will shift during Crisis Events

Ramos, Bianca
820  Tu Lucha Es Mi Lucha: BIPOC Student's Sense of Belonging in Higher Education

Ramos, Maritza
743  Revitalizing and Promoting Languages Through Bilingual Education​

Rosales, Julia
790  Childhood Maltreatment, Mental Health, and Interpersonal Conflict in Current Adult Relationships

Santos , Adeleine
811  Historical and Contemporary Influences of White Supremacy in the U.S. Education System

Sponsler-Sanchez, Olivia
822  Child Maltreatment, Depression, and Chronic Pain in College Students: An Exploratory Study

Yager, Cody
869  Winds of Change: How Wind and Solar Will Affect the Front Range

Yonce, Jordan
849  Teaching Monkey