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Our Partnership with Soliya Connect

Founded in 2003, Soliya is a pioneering non‐profit organization using new technologies to facilitate dialogue between students from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Soliya’s flagship program, the Connect Program, is a unique cross‐cultural education initiative that enables college students in the U.S. Europe, and Middle East/North African countries to collaboratively explore relations between the West and the Arab and Muslim Worlds with the aim of improving intercultural awareness and understanding. Facilitated by a cross‐ cultural team of young leaders drawn from over 25 different countries, the Connect Program enables students from across the globe to literally see and hear one another in a rich and intimate online environment utilizing the latest in social media and learning technologies.

Recognizing the profound role of media in shaping students’ perceptions of other cultures, Soliya trains participating students to critically analyze, create and exchange video segments illustrating their perspectives on world events. Through opportunities for cross‐cultural dialogue and collaboration, Soliya students examine and expand their own knowledge and perspectives about the “Other,” democracy, and intersections and contrasts among their own histories and religious and cultural traditions. Further, by developing an engaged, global network of young adults, the Soliya Connect Program entices and equips college students to play a constructive role in creating a more informed, just and peaceful global society.