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UNC Honors Program

Explore your world and its complex questions

Are you curious about the world around you? Do you ask complex questions and challenge yourself by seeking solutions where none seem to exist? If yes, then the University Honors Program at University of Northern Colorado may be right for you!  The programs foster curious and motivated students by providing a small community of intellectually-challenging peers with the tools to learn how to think critically, make connections between disciplines, and how to dive deep into today’s problems, issues and cutting edge research challenges.

Honors Program Vision

University of Northern Colorado’s Honors Program vision is to build a diverse community of intellectually engaged, innovative student scholars who enrich the world as responsible global citizens.

Honors Program Mission

Honors Interdiscplinary Program

The University of Northern Colorado Honors Interdisciplinary Program develops a diverse community of intellectually engaged student scholars through an enriched curriculum that promotes critical thinking, inquiry and analysis, integrative learning, intercultural competence, community engagement, and creative problem solving.

Upper Division Honors Program

The University of Northern Colorado Upper Division Honors Program develops a diverse community of intellectually engaged student scholars through an enriched curriculum that supports scholarly and creative contributions to the disciplinary discourse and promotes self-driven integrative learning and community engagement.

Lower Division Students

Honors Interdisciplinary Program

Incoming Freshmen, current UNC students and transferring students with at least two semesters left to complete their undergraduate degree may apply for the Honors Interdisciplinary Program. The Program is designed to provide students in all majors at UNC the opportunity to complete honors courses without impeding their regular studies. Many of the course options count toward Liberal Arts Core or general electives for graduation. Honors curriculum is designed to provide advanced critical thinking skills and the ability to problem solve by providing in depth examination of challenging concepts.  Students develop their own theme of exploration and are encouraged to follow lines of inquiry in their studies of most interest to the student.

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Upper Division Students

Upper Division Honors Program

Current UNC students and students transferring to UNC with more than 45 credits may apply to join the Upper Division Honors Program. Upper Division Honors  provides students an opportunity to work closely with faculty mentors. Students explore topics of interest, engage in experiential learning options, and complete an in-depth honors thesis or creative project in any discipline. Projects may include various types of research including field research, lab research, survey or interview research, with social science, natural science or humanities theses in the Research Path; or an applied or civically engaged project, business or teaching curriculum project in the Applied Path; or a creative writing, music, theatre, dance or fine arts project in the Creative Path

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Quick Facts about Applying to Honors

  • Fall 2023 Incoming First Year student honors application
    • Early Action Deadline is December 10 (best chance to win honors associated scholarships). 
    • Priority Deadline is March 10.
    • Applications accepted through August 1 for highly qualified students, on a space available basis.
  • Current UNC & Transfer students may apply for Spring 2023 or Fall 2023 admission.
    • Spring 2023 deadline is December 1; with a last chance deadline of January 1, only if space is still available.
    • Fall 2023 preferred deadline is April 1 with a rolling deadline thereafter through August 1, space available basis.
  • Students applying for Honors Interdisciplinary Program are NOT required to have a specific GPA nor specific test scores.  Students are accepted based on holistic admissions criteria, with preference given to students who have demonstrated intellectual curiosity and who are motivated to learn deeply and to develop critical and creative thinking skills.