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Raise Your Expectations

Are you looking to challenge yourself and want to become a better problem solver in the world? The University Honors Programs are designed to foster outstanding students by providing a small community of intellectually-challenging peers with extra faculty attention and the tools to learn how to think critically and make connections between disciplines and then how to dive deep into today’s problems, issues and cutting edge research challenges.

Lower Division Students

Honors Interdisciplinary Program

Incoming Freshmen, current UNC students and transferring students with less than 45 credit hours may apply for the Honors Interdisciplinary Program. The Honors Interdisciplinary Program is designed to provide all majors at UNC the opportunity to complete honors courses without impeding on their regular studies. Many of the courses may cross count for Liberal Arts Core requirements or count toward general electives for graduation. These classes are designed to teach critical thinking skills and the ability to problem solve by providing in depth examination of challenging concepts.

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Upper Division Students

Upper Division Honors Program

Current UNC students and those transferring to UNC with more than 45 credits should consider applying for the Upper Division Honors Program instead of HIP. The Upper Division Honors Program provides Honors students the opportunity to work individually with a faculty mentor and complete an in-depth study in any discipline. Projects may include field research, experimentation, social science, natural science or humanities theses in the Research Path; an applied or civically engaged project, business or teaching curriculum project in the Applied Path; or creative composition in the humanities, music, theatre or fine arts in the Creative Path. 

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Quick Facts about Applying to Honors

  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis
  • Early admissions decisions begin in January
  • Priority Application deadline is March 1
  • Students who apply early have the best chance of obtaining a space in the Honors Residential Learning Community.
  • You are not required to live in the Honors Residential Learning Community to become a member of the Honors Programs.
  • Students with more than 45 credit hours, whether transfer students or current UNC students, may apply for the Upper Division Honors Program. 


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