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ESCI 491: Geoscience Field Issues

Storm Chasing on the Great Plains 2022

Join us in May 2022 for a 10-day road trip across the Great Plains forecasting and observing the weather! 

Thunderstorm with Students and Instructors

Purpose: This course provides a hands-on, practical experience of observing the formation, development, and structure of severe weather phenomena over the U.S. Great Plains. Students will gain experiences in forecasting the mesoscale conditions that produce such weather, data acquisition in the field, and reporting severe storm visual confirmations to the National Weather Service in real time.

Topics: Severe weather safety, forecasting and nowcasting, effective weather communication skills, and field data collection. During calm weather periods, the class will visit a variety of North American sites of national, cultural, and/or weather related prominence.

Prerequisite:MET 205 or equivalent and instructor consent. National Weather Service SKYWARN Spotter training and certification required prior to first day of class. Training sessions are free and are held in various locations across the state; contact instructor for details.

Course Syllabus:Available here!

Other Information & Resources: 

Course Instructor: Dr. Wendi Flynn (wendilyn.flynn@unco.edu)

Contact Dr. Flynn by April 15 if you're interested! Feel free to ask about registration overrides, wait listing, and more information. ALL ARE WELCOME TO APPLY who have taken an introductory meteorology course!

Students in front of a thunderstorm