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What to expect for Academic Advising with the HSS Student Success Resource Center 

You and your academic advisor will assess your degree progress by reviewing your Degree Works and Degree Plan 

  • We encourage you to review both your Degree Works and your Degree Plan prior to your meeting so you are prepared to ask any questions you may have. If you see any errors or missing credit in your Degree Worksheet or Degree Plan, be sure to let your advisor know.  
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss any adjustments to your Degree Plan with your advisor. 

You and your academic advisor will create a schedule for you based on your remaining requirements, course availability, and your preferences/interests.  

  • Prepare for your appointment ahead of time by following the guide below and drafting a list of possible classes for the upcoming term. If you have unique scheduling needs, such as enrolling part-time or accommodating a work or practice schedule, please let your advisor know as soon as possible. 

You will have the opportunity to ask your advisor any questions you have about your degree, including internship opportunities, summer classes, adding a minor or additional major, and more. 

  • How to book an appointment

    If you haven’t already, follow your advisor’s instructions on how to book an appointment. If you need help with booking an appointment or if you do not know who your advisor is, please email HSS.StudentSuccess@unco.edu or call (970) 351-3140 for help. 

  • Pre-Advising Guide: What to do before your appointment 
    1. Access your Degree Works – you can sign into Degree Works through Ursa by going to your Student Tab and locating the link to Degree Works in the Student Applications section. Once you’re signed in, you can review your remaining degree requirements. For more information on how to read Degree Works, check out the Degree Works Video Tutorial 
    2. Access your Degree Plan – this is a feature within Degree Works. Once you’re signed into Degree Works, locate the link to “Plans” next to “Worksheets” at the top of the page. You may also find it in the three bars menu on the top-right side of the page. Once there, locate your active plan created by your advisor and click the title of the plan to open it. For more information on how to access and read your plan, check out this Degree Planner Video Tutorial. If you don’t see a plan in the system yet, please don’t worry--your advisor will create one prior to your meeting.  
    3. Review your options for next semester’s classes – within your Degree Plan, you’ll see the suggestions your advisor has made for your future classes. These links may be useful for you as you browse for classes: 
      1. Ursa – the public schedule for next semester is viewable through Ursa. For more information on how to  explore classes with Ursa, check out this video on Browsing for Courses in Ursa. 
      2. LACs – if your plan includes any courses for the Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC), you can either search for those courses using attributes using “advanced search” in Ursa or visit the LAC Current Offerings page that lists course offerings in each area. You may want to pick a few courses from each of the areas you need so you have options when it comes time to register.  
      3. University-Wide Electives – if your plan includes any University-Wide Electives, you can use our Guide to Choosing University-Wide Electives to figure out which course(s) would work best for you.  
  • Other helpful things
    1. Minors or certificates – if you’re interested in declaring, changing, or dropping a minor or certificate, talk with your advisor! Visit the UNC minors catalog page and the UNC undergraduate certificates catalog page to learn more. 
    2. Interim/summer coursework – you may not need to take interim or summer courses, but you and your advisor may decide that they would be beneficial for you. Be sure to consider cost and financial aid when planning for interim or summer courses. You can reach out to the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of the Bursar for more information.  
    3. Connect with faculty – Interested in learning more about specific course content? You are encouraged to ask your professors about their upcoming classes and how they might align with your interests and post-graduation goals. 


As always, we are here to help! Feel free to reach out with any questions along the way. You can contact our office at HSS.StudentSuccess@unco.edu, by phone at (970) 351-3140, or come visit us in person in the Student Success Resource Center, located in Candelaria Hall, Room 0295.