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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. See the full list of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs, minors, and certificates or endorsements.

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Programs, Departments and Schools:

*Offers teaching licensure program(s) (see majors and teaching endorsements for details)


Africana Studies*

Examine the history and culture of people of African descent through an interdisciplinary approach.



Study the knowledge of how, when and where human life arose, and why cultures have evolved along varied pathways.



Delve into written, oral and visual communication theory and practice through the study of Journalism & Media Studies or Communication Studies.


Criminology & Criminal Justice

Study criminal justice theory and practical application for a future career in the criminal justice system or academia.



Learn to look at societal issues such as poverty, unemployment and inflation using traditional economic tools and concepts.



Study literature, creative writing and film alongside literary interpretation and rhetorical theory and practice.

environmental studies

Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Learn to understand the challenges facing a population dependent on finite resources and address problems that require understanding of interacting natural and social systems.

gender studies

Gender Studies

Examine the making and meaning of femininity and masculinity across cultures, social formations and time.


Geography & GIS*

Bridge the gap between natural and social sciences and examine environmental, cultural, political and economic processes that produce patterns across Earth's surface.

hispanic studies

Hispanic Studies*

Learn about Mexican-American history and culture or delve into the Spanish language to gain written and oral proficiency.



Analyze the events, people and institutions of the past to gain deeper understanding of the present.


Leadership Studies

Develop leadership skills through theory and experiential learning with curriculum designed to address multiple facets of what it means to be a leader.


Life of the Mind

Take courses designed to enrich the liberal arts core and study classic writings from around the world to investigate central questions that have concerned humanity through the ages.



Cultivate critical thinking and problem solving skills while exploring big questions about reality, knowledge and value.

political science

Political Science & International Affairs

 Examine issues within politics and learn about government affairs in Political Science or examine global politics and issues in International Affairs.



Gain skills to seek positive social change through analysis of the structure of society, the dynamics of culture and interaction, and the causes and consequences of behavior.


World Languages & Cultures*

Learn language proficiency in Chinese, French, German or Japanese, and broaden knowledge in  Asian or European culture and history.

*Offers teaching licensure program(s) (see majors and teaching endorsements for details)