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2018-2019 Committee Membership

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences maintains the following committees. These committees are advisory to the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, with the exception of the Curriculum Committee, which has responsibilities described in Board policy provision, 1-1-304. Faculty committees elect their own chairs and develop their own bylaws consistent with college and university policy.

For information regarding serving on an HSS committee, please contact Dawit Senbet. For general questions, please contact the committee's administrative support person, either Deborah Lewis or Meagan Crews.

Awards Committee

Members of this committee review applications for awards such as: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Works course releases in the fall, College Faculty Awards, Undergraduate Research Awards, and HSS scholarships in the spring. 

Elected Members

  • Whitney Duncan, Anthropology (Spring 2019)
  • Josh Packard, Sociology (Spring 2019)
  • Jessica Salo, Geography & GIS (Spring 2021)
  • Diane Schott, Sociology (Spring 2021)
  • Kyle Ward, Criminal Justice (Spring 2019)

Other Members

  • Christine Marston, HSS Assoc. Dean, ex officio
  • Meagan Crews, HSS Dean's Office, Administrative Support