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Humanities and Social Sciences

The humanities and the social sciences are cornerstones of a liberal arts education, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a broad range of disciplines that give students a fuller understanding of the past, present and future roles of both the individual and society in shaping human experience.

Scholars in the humanities study many aspects of human existence and consider how systems of thought and knowledge have developed over time and how they continue to influence our decisions today. Humanistic inquiry asks how events in the past affect the present and how understanding the past can help us shape the future. The social sciences view the world around us as a laboratory for observation, experimentation and the advancement of new ideas and practices. Social scientists strive to understand the human capacity for adapting to changing environments and circumstances.

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Develop Strong Skillset

Graduates develop leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, communication, technical and adaptive skills, and are wellprepared for financial success in the marketplace.

Influential Political Process

In 2018, UNC Student Senate, Bear News and the Political Science and International Affairs Club collaborated with Greeley’s newspaper to host a Colorado gubernatorial debate at UNC.

Become a World Citizen

In 2018, Japanese professor Sumiko Gibson led students on a 10-day trip to Japan, visiting major cities, historical sites and Greeley’s sister city, Moriya.

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Why study humanities and social sciences?


Make A Difference

Liberal arts students are more likely to be civically engaged and tackle today's biggest social and technological challenges. 


Prepare for success

Liberal arts students can communicate effectively, think critically, solve complex problems, and thrive in diverse settings, leading to long-term professional success and higher earning potential. 


Live a fulfilling life

Liberal arts students consistently report high satisfaction in their work and personal lives, and are prepared for a life of learning and growth. 

We don't mean to brag, but we have some awesome professors here... 

Check out what's happening in our College! 

Dr. Romulo Wins AESS Award

The Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) has selected Chelsie Romulo, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Geography, GIS, & Sustainability, as a recipient of the AESS Early Career Award. This award recognizes faculty, scholars and students in Environmental Studies and Sciences at all career stages who exemplify the highest standards of teaching, scholarship and service to the AESS community. Romulo was recognized for producing "outstanding applied scholarship with massive potential for impact. 

Learn more about Dr. Romulo

Dr. Romulo Award Recipient

Dr. Mueller Publishes Book

The Department Chair of English, Dr. Andreas Mueller, has just published a book! Check out Robinson Crusoe after 300 Years, a collection of essays suggesting new and unfamiliar ways of thinking about this most familiar of works, and who ask us to consider the enduring appeal of “Crusoe,” more recognizable today than ever before.

Learn more about Robinson Crusoe after 300 Years 

mueller book cover

Dr. Barton Wins 7th Fullbright Award

Dr. Karen Barton is a first generation scholar with a Ph.D in Geography. She has been a professor in the department of Geography in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNC for 17 years and has just won her SEVENTH Fullbright Award! (Only two professors in the United States have won seven Fulbright awards!) 

Learn more about Dr. Barton's Award

karen barton

Dr. Chan Publishes Book

Dr. Kenneth Chan is a Professor of English and Film Studies. Sino-Enchantment: The Fantastic in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas approaches the recent resurgence of the fantastic in Chinese cinemas, where each re-envisioning of the form is determined by cultural, economic, political and technological factors to produce fresh inventions and creative reinventions of familiar narratives, characters and tropes.

Learn more about Sino-Enchantment

sino enchantment

Why UNC?

Graduating senior Langston Mayo, majoring in Philosophy and Communication Studies, discusses why he chose UNC.

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