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Success Guides and Worksheets

The Stoplight Method

Our energy, motivation, and high impact ‘work’ times fluctuate throughout the day. Use this worksheet to develop an intrinsic productivity schedule to help you work efficiently and protect your self-care time.

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Attendance Tracking Worksheet 

Attending class strongly correlates to higher grades. This worksheet will help you count the number and reasons for missing class with the goal of planning ahead while staying informed about your patterns.

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Master Syllabus

Using this Master Syllabus will help you keep track of all expectations, upcoming assignments, and weekly work for each of your classes. 

Download Master Syllabus Version One

Download Master Syllabus Version Two

Using Study Breaks Effectively

Taking intentional study breaks can increase your productivity. By giving your brain a moment to recharge, you can improve your focus, recall, motivation, and energy while also reducing stress levels. Check out this infographic for ideas, tips, and resources.

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Study Schedule Worksheet

Crafting a clear study schedule can help you stay focused and efficient when preparing for exams.

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Choosing University-Wide Electives

This guide can aid in helping you keep your classes balanced by showing you how to add various electives to your courseload.

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The GROW Model

Struggling to define your goals or outline a plan of action? Check out the GROW model! The GROW model utilizes intuitive, open-ended questions to assist you in clarifying and structuring your goals.

Download GROW Model Worksheet

Class Overview Worksheet 

Keeping track of the assignments in each class, plus the small daily tasks, can be overwhelming. Use this worksheet to organize an overview of the projects and tasks related to your semester.

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Project Management Worksheet

Staying organized during a large project can be challenging. Use this worksheet to track your progress on each major project.

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Digital Planner

Using this weekly planner will help you plan and work toward your goals and
also keep track of your busy college schedule and personal life. 

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Daily Schedule

This daily schedule sheet can help you keep track of your daily class, work, and social schedule for each day of the week.

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Overcoming Writer's Block

Stuck writing a paper or assignment? This helpful guide can assist in clearing things up. 

Download Writer's Block Handout

Weekly To-Do List

This To-Do list is a great way to keep a running list of daily work, with space for notetaking.

Download Weekly To-Do List

Fillable Schedule Builder

The Fillable Schedule Builder will help you plan for coursework and predict schedule conflicts as you prepare for meetings with an academic advisor.

Download Fillable Schedule Builder

Time Management Resource

Balance your schedule with help from the eight different time management resources in this handout.

Download Time Management Sheet

Stress Management Flyer

Feeling Stressed? This handout breaks down what stress is, what it looks like, and what strategies and resources you can use to help manage it.

Download Stress Management Flyer


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