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Employee Compensation

As a part of UNC's Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 strategic plan, university leadership is prioritizing Enhancing and Investing in its employees. The January 2023 Compensation Investment is part of that commitment. 

January 2023 - Compensation Investment

Have questions about the compensation adjustment in January? Check out our FAQ Section:

  • As a full-time faculty or staff member, am I eligible to receive a pay increase?
    • Yes, Full-time Tenured, Tenure-Track, and Contract Renewable Faculty as well as Classified and Professional Administrative Staff will receive a $1500 increase in their base salary, effective January 1, 2023. This increase will first be reflected in employees’ January paychecks. For full-time employees this will be the equivalent of an additional $125 in gross pay each month. 
    • To be eligible for adjustments, employees must be a current employee on 1/31/23.
    • No new contracts will be distributed.
    • Exceptions for base building increases: new employees with job offers made with a January start date or later will not automatically receive the $1500 increase. The Human Resources Office with work with the hiring authorities to clarify the salary for employees hired in this timeframe. 
  • What if I am part-time?
    • For Tenured, Tenure-Track, Contract Renewable Faculty and Classified and Professional Administrative Staff, the $1500 annual increase will be prorated by FTE for those less than full-time. 
  • What if I am a faculty member on a full-year sabbatical with a temporarily reduced FTE?
    • Faculty on full year sabbaticals will also receive the full $1500 increase to base pay. 
  • As an adjunct faculty member or GA/TA, am I included in the pay adjustment?
    • Yes, adjunct faculty and graduate assistants (GA)/teaching assistants (TAs), regardless of FTE or spring workload, will all receive a one-time payment of $250 in gross pay. This will be reflected in the March paycheck. 
    • To be eligible for adjustments, employees must be a current employee on 03/31/23. 
  • As a temporary employee am I included in the pay adjustment?
    • No, temporary employees including Technical Professionals, University Aides, and Contractors are not eligible for an increase and will continue to be paid in accordance with their temporary contract agreement. 
  • When will I see the increase in my paycheck?
    • For Tenured, Tenure Track, and Contract Renewable Faculty, base building increases will be effective with the January paycheck. 
    • For Classified and Professional Administrative Staff, base building increases will be effective in the January paycheck. 
    • For Adjunct Faculty, the $250 one-time payment will be in the March paycheck. 
    • For Graduate and Teaching Assistants, the $250 gross one-time payment will be in the March paycheck to account for the completion of all of the spring contracts. 
  • Are employees on leave status (like FMLA leave) eligible to receive the full $1500 increase?
    • Yes, employees on an approved leave of absence are eligible to receive the $1500 base increase. 
  • Does this mean I will not receive an increase in later in the year when we traditionally receive raises?
    • No. This mid-year compensation increase is one more step in keeping with our strategic commitment to improve compensation and recognize the valuable contributions of our faculty and staff. We are currently planning an additional compensation adjustment to be effective in July 2023.
  • How is this being funded?
    • UNC remains in a strong financial position. The university ended FY22 with a cash balance of $74.4 million, an increase of $17.9 million from FY21 results. These positive results indicate the resilience and responsiveness of UNC to the significant challenges we have faced. The mid-year increase will be funded centrally like our regular annual increases and incorporated into the FY24 budget. 
  • Any additional questions?