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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

COVID-19 Employee Guidance

This page will serve as a resource for employees as they navigate ongoing changes to COVID-19 requirements as they relate to employment at UNC. For more specific questions, please reach out to Human Resources at human.resources@unco.edu or at 970-351-2718. 

For more information on efforts related to the pandemic, please visit UNC's COVID-19 Updates page

Bears Mask UP

UNC no longer requires masks within public spaces. However, state employees within confined spaces may still need to follow Colorado State guidelines.
 Visit the Mask Update page for more information. 

Current Campus Protocols

  • Employee Capacity
    • 100% Employee Capacity
    • Return to normal WFH policies
  • Classroom Instruction
    • 100% Capacity
    • Masks opitonal inside classrooms
  • Events
    • UNC Hosted - Full Capacity
    • Community - Full Capacity
    • In-person Meetings - Permitted
  • Safety Protocols
    • Face Coverings - Optional Indoors (see Mask Update for full details)
    • Cleaning Protocols - Routine cleaning including daily high touch areas
    • Social Distancing - No Requirements
    • Furniture Setup - No Requirements
    • Business Travel - Domestic Travel allowed. International considered on case-by-case basis
    • COVID Testing - Continued Availability for Employees (at Bishop-Lehr)
    • On Campus Mail Delivery - Normal Service
  • COVID-19 Procedures
    Continue to scroll to the bottom of this page for specific protocols related to reporting, isolation, and quarantine. 

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For more information, please visit UNC's Vaccine Policy page

CDPHE Guidelines

Stay up-to-date on Colorado's guidelines for business operations, including cleaning & social distancing. 


UNC Computer

Flexible Work

While most employees will return to campus, UNC recognizes the need for flexible work options. Please visit the Flexible Work page for more information and resources. 


Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL)


PHEL has been extended to August 14, 2022. 

For specific questions related to PHEL please contact human.resources@unco.edu.  Submit your application for PHEL through HR. 


Need an accommodation? Have a family emergency?

Please visit out resource page on accommodations and the Family Medical Emergency Act page.

Employee Accommodations

UNC's COVID-19 Procedures

For the most up-to-date information, please visit UNC's Coronavirus page

State Vehicle Guidelines

If driver/passengers are using state vehicles, the following guidelines shall be followed:

  • Health Screening
    • Driver/Passenger who have COVID-19 symptoms shall not be allowed to operate or ride in any vehicle for UNC purposes and should contact their supervisor immediately.
  • Capacity/Usage
    • Masks are optional when more than one person is in a university vehicle
    • Vehicles are allowed to have 100% capacity
  • Utility Cars

    Normal Operations

  • Vehicle Cleaning
    • Vehicles rented specifically from UNC Rental Fleet at Parsons Hall shall be cleaned/sanitized by Transportation Services personnel after each use.

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UNC Updates

For more information on efforts related to the pandemic, please visit UNC's COVID-19 Updates page. 

COVID-19 Updates Page